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Stone Soup: An Old English Parable — A tale for Imbolc

Brigit 2 001

Stone Soup: An Old English Parable
A tale for Imbolc–a celebration for which the magic ingredient is community.

A weary traveler, in the depths of winter, came into a dark village. His feet were very sore and his stomach was empty. He walked, door to door, with nothing but a single copper coin to his name, and asked the villagers if he could buy a small portion of their food. At each door, a gaunt villager told him that they were starving themselves and unable to spare even a morsel of their winter stores.

Finally, the young man, cold and hungry, sat down in the center of the square, aware of the eyes peering at him from shuttered windows. He reached down, brushed some snow from a small rock beneath his feet, and lifted it. With a start, he jumped  to his feet, looked up to the shuttered windows, cleared his throat and made an announcement.

“You silly, starving people! How can you hide behind your walls, desperate for food when you have perfectly good stones like this laying all around you? Does but one of you fine women here have a good kettle she can loan me? I promise enough stone soup to feed her whole family if she loans it to me for the day!”

The washerwoman had a kettle frozen behind her house, a large kettle that she usually used for stew at Christmastime, too large to use for her family’s meager meals and too small for laundry. She volunteered it, and the young man dragged it, full of snow, from the outdoor hearth it had occupied for a month to the center of the square. Villagers, bored in the dark winter, gathered around to help the man start a fire and melt the snow and ice in the pot. They were all convinced he was daft, but helped him nonetheless. It was a sleepy village, and his obvious lunacy was worth a few cold feet to observe even if for entertainment

Once the snow had melted, he lifted the stone high for all of the villagers to see and plopped it into the pot. “Stewis blueus magic rock,” he chanted, “give us soup within this crock!” He walked clockwise three times around the pot and took a spoon someone handed him and dipped it in. Ever the diligent cook, he tasted the water and its mild aftertaste of Christmas stew and shook his head. “It’s bland,” he told them, “If only I had just a tiny  bit of salt.”  The butcher told him he had salt sitting in his salting pot, the remnants of salting the midwinter’s catch, which had run out the week before. It was brown and hardened into one lump, but he’d give it to the man at no charge.  The man took his offer gladly, and added the brown lump to the pot.

He again took a sip. “the magic is working” he told his audience, and, indeed, there was a faint smell of food coming from the pot. He sipped the soup again, and made a face. “It’s too sweet!” he said. “If only I had the ends of some turnips, or some radishes to give it a little bite!” Two women looked about and then went into their houses, coming out with half-rotten vegetables. The man carefully prepped the rotted parts away and added the vegetables, greens and all.

There was no mistaking that it smelled like food now. The man tasted the soup, and said “It’s missing something” and handed the spoon to the brew man’s wife, who nodded, then scurried into the closed tavern, returning with a small burlap bag of barley. As she dumped it in, the wife of the mayor objected. “You can’t have barley in soup without parsnips!” she declared, and produced a bunch of limp, graying parsnips, which she handed to the man, who skinned them, chopped them and blended them in.

Another woman objected as well, adding a fat, dry onion to the broth, and another, and still another, each adding the small secret ingredient that made the soups they made at home “perfect.”

Within an hour, the smell of the “magic” soup filled the square, and the people came from every crevice and corner with a bowl. The mayor of the town hailed the wanderer as their savior and put him up in his own house after he and the villagers had filled their bellies with the delicious, magical Stone Soup!

Of course the real magic here was that this young man had a need, but his desire to receive was balanced with his desire to receive with the intention of sharing so with certainty he proceeded and because his actions proved to be proactive a miracle was created which benefited the needs of the many and not just the one.


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An American Witch’s Book of Spells

Good Pic of Book 001This occult book is a comprehensive guidebook from the perspective of Nine Generations of American Witches.  This “living” generational “Book of Shadows” is a complete collection of once secret, ancient magic rituals with spells, charms, amulets, protection, talismans, and other practical sorcery.  There are many spell books on the market, but the type of spells within the pages of this book simply have not been shared outside of the family until now.  A Real Witch adroit in the craft would find the information within this book valuable. Although it is not recommended for a layman, a novice could use this book successfully for the spells are complete, ingredients and directions are concise and detail oriented.  Additionally, although this is a non-Wiccan book, there are many spells that a Wiccan witch could use by adapting it to their principles.
This book has been updated as of 1/19/2014.   Ingredients are provided in US and Metric measurements for Universal appeal.  Formulas include, but are not limited to: Protection & Security, Abundance & Prosperity, Love & Attraction, Banishment & Uncrossing, Business, Success & Legal matters, Spells from the dark-side, Exorcism, making Magical & Tallow Candles, how to make formulas for incense, oils, potions, specialty baths, & floor washes. Additionally, thorough information regarding “Timing” is included to insure the success of your workshop and Ceromancy, reading the candle and the flame.  This book would be a great addition to the library of any witch or person with occult interest.
The book can be purchased on Amazon for $14.95 and a Kindle download is $5.00.  I do have some reviews on selling venues other than Amazon.  You can take a view inside of the book for additional information.

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Seals from the 6th and 7th Books of Moses and The Pentacles of Solomon

6th and 7th Books of Moses Seals 1 001


The talismans, or seals, described are authentic reproductions form the book which is sometimes called “Moses Magical Spirit Art”. According to tradition, the designs have many magnificent powers. They were taken from ancient Hebrew Holy Books and have been passed down through the ages until today when multitudes of believers carry or use them with faith in their effectiveness to bring results by magical means.

The legend is given, through no claims of supernatural powers are made for the talisman. They are carried in purse or packet as a secret possession, and usually protected by placing them in a small bag or carrying case. The most popular carrier is made of red flannel, but any clean cloth, leather, or other protector can be utilized.

For those who wish to learn the specific conjurations, evocations, and explanations of the virtues and powers of the seals, we recommend the complete book, “The Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses,” which includes these seals, plus many others. The text is taken from the mosaic books of the Kabbalah and the Talmud, illustrated with numerous engravings.

2643 ARK OF THE COVENANT – Hold in the hands and expect protection from misfortune, plagues, and disaster.

2609 BALAAM‘S SORCERY SEAL – This contains the names of the Seven Tables of the Ark of the Covenant, and is of great significance as it reputedly brings vengeance upon one’s enemies.

2600 BREASTPLATE OF AARON – Said to offer protection from sudden or violent death.

2601 BREASTPLATE OF MOSES – For protection from all harm.

2608 CHALICE OF HOLINESS – Used to obtain serenity and peace of mind, along with great spiritual strength. The seal gives the names of the Creator and the characters on the Ark of the Covenant.

2602 CROWNED SERPENT SEAL – Symbol of mighty power, strength, and dominance.

2611 GENERAL CITATION SEAL – This is the seal used by Moses in calling up all spirits and is recommended to be carried with any of the other seals being used. Can be used to reinforce others seals and spells.

428 GRAND SYMBOL OF SOLOMON – For divine guidance, wisdom, protection, and understanding in all matters. This was King Solomon‘s major virtue – Wisdom.

418 GREAT PENTAGRAM SEAL – Protects from black magic, and gives one freedom from fear, along with a clear mind, a sunny disposition, and good judgment in all matters.

2640 HELMET OF MOSES & AARON – Wear on the person and you will not succumb to a sudden death.

2644 MAGICAL LAW OF MOSES – Use to assemble the spirits or devils who cause the dead to appear.

2603 MASTER KEY SEAL – Symbol of health, good fortune, and success in all one’s undertakings.

425 SCHEMHAMPHORAS HOLY SEAL – Alleged to bring vengeance on one’s enemies, assist in contact with departed souls, and assure the possessor a share of worldly goods.

426 SCHEMHAMPHORAS #1 SEAL – For great success in finances and in business. Attracts customers and money.

427 SCHEMHAMPHORAS #2 SEALGreat mystical powers are said to come to those who carry this. It is a highly religious talisman, bringing to the possessor divine guidance when needed.

406 SEAL OF THE AIR – (Also known as the Seal of Relief from Want) – Popular with those seeking work, it is believed to bring one the necessities of life.

136 SEAL OF ANTIQUELIS – Confers great wealth, honors, and also promotes good health, both mental and physical.

421 SEAL OF ARIELIS – Compels others to do the possessor’s bidding, and commands lost treasures from land or sea.

106 SEAL OF AZIABELIS – For achieving great power over others, and to attract friendship.

424 SEAL OF AZIELIS – Designed to compel treasures to come from the earth, and to coerce others to obey the possessor’s wishes and commands.

410 SEAL OF BARBUELIS – Makes one master of all arts and secret knowledge so that others can be dominated by the possessor without knowledge of the influence being exerted upon them.

409 SEAL OF EARTH – Called the Seal of Spiritual Assistance, this brings support and help from friendly gods and kindly supernatural beings to assist in the possessor’s endeavors and fulfillment of one’s plans and dreams.

407 SEAL OF FIRE – This is favored by those who seek influence, popularity, power, and dominance in any field.

429 SEAL OF FORTUNE – The highest talisman of good fortune, bringing great success in business and many blessings in one’s personal and family life.

401 SEAL OF THE GOLDEN CANDLESTICK– The Candelabra Seal for gaining one’s desires through prayers and candle rituals. It is believed to make one safe from all danger, strong as steel so that firearms cannot harm the person who carries this in their purse or pocket.

414 SEAL OF GOOD LUCK – To achieve success in games of chance, this can be anointed just before playing and secreted in one’s sleeve or pocket.

419 SEAL OF GREAT GENERATION – Designed to attract wealth, honor, and promotions or advancement in one’s work.

2604 SEAL OF JESUS OF GOD – For divine protection conquering any or all obstacles, and achieving victory in one’s work.

156 SEAL OF JUPITER – Also called the Seal of Mystical Assistance. Can bring victory in legal matters, in winning court cases, and for settling disputes of all kinds.

404 SEAL OF KNOWLEDGE – To receive information or guidance through drams or visions, sleep with this talisman under the pillow.

417 SEAL OF LONG LIFE – Protects from misfortune and misery, and assures one of a lengthy life

402 SEAL OF LOVE – Carry this talisman to assure one of being much loved and admired. It is treasured by those who wish to gain and hold the affections of another.

423 SEAL OF MAGIC – This Serpent Seal is designed to bring magical assistance toward attaining one’s wishes, desires, needs, or requests.

37 SEAL OF MARBUELIS – For fascinating and bewitching others so that all secret knowledge can be obtained from them without their suspecting any sorcery on the part of the possessor.

411 SEAL OF MARS – An aid in holding marriages and friendships together in the even of quarrels between the parties involved, or where there are disturbing influences from outsiders. It can help settle arguments peaceably in favor of the one who carries this talisman.

422 SEAL OF MEPHISTOPHILAS – For overcoming, conquering, and controlling one’s enemies. It also guards one against the plots of others.

420 SEAL OF MERBEULIS – Also known as the Seal of Special Attraction. This is designed to captivate and control all those whom the possessor may encounter.

567 SEAL OF MERCURY – Brings wealth, a knowledge of alchemy and of chemistry, and can draw treasure from beneath the earth.

416 SEAL OF ORION – Or Seal of General Citation. This seal is carried by those who wish to have their wishes fulfilled and to attract honors and respect from others.

403 SEAL OF POWER – Carried to insure or restore one’s good health, to strengthen faith, and to influence those one meets toward the possessor of this talisman.

2605 SEAL OF RAB CALEB – Doctor Oriental – Uses for medical assistance and to maintain a healthy body and a clear mind.

36 SEAL OF SATURN – Called also the Seal of Spiritual Good Luck. This design is believed to attract favorable planetary vibrations when one is gambling or indulging in any game of chance.

415 SEAL OF SPIRITS – To compel spirits to appear and serve one’s needs, this design is said to be of great value in bringing quick service and help in all things.

412 SEAL OF THE SUN – Known also as the Seal of Honor and Wealth. This talisman is carried to attract plentiful gold, silver, and other of life’s good blessings.

400 SEAL OF TREASURE – When buried in the earth near where any treasures exist they will allegedly come to the surface themselves. The talisman can also be used in the home of help locate lost articles.

2606 SEAL OF TREASURE, ELEVATION & SPIRITUAL REDEMPTION – Reputedly brings peace and serenity to the place where this is kept, or to the person who carries it.

405 SEAL OF TREASURES – This design is used for finding any lost or stolen possessions.

413 SEAL OF VENUS – Also known as the Seal of Secrets. One places this talisman beneath the pillow to learn secrets through dreams, and to prevent others form learning of private confidential matters. When carried in purse or pocket, it serves to bring assistance in one’s business dealings.

408 SEAL OF WATER – Or Seal of Great Fortune. This seal is useful in revealing treasure below the earth such as buried gold or silver, or treasures found in sunken ships.

2607 SEAL OF THE WITNESS– Bearing the initial of the Latin version of the inscription written by Pilate and placed on the cross, “I.N.R.I.” – Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews – this design reputedly brings the owner God’s richest blessings.

2642 SEALS OF ELEAZAR – With this talisman one calls and dismisses the spirits through which all things dissolve into nothing.

2641 SEALS OF LEVITATHAN – Use this, held flat between the tow hand, to call and dismiss the spirits to appear and obey commands.

If you would like a complimentary set of the Talismanic Seals of the 6th and 7th Books of Moses in addition to a set of the Pentacles of Solomon send a request to AmericanWitch9@aol.com

The files will be sent via email. All transactions are discreet and there are no obligations regarding this offer.


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Most parapsychologists consider Hauntings to be “recordings” of past events that are repetitiously “replayed and “decoded” by those sensitive enough to perceive them.  Actually there are two forms of Hauntings, one is due to a discarnate soul who interferes with a particular person or persons and there are those Hauntings due to the conditions prevailing in a particular place. 

 First I will address Hauntings due to the interference of a discarnate soul. Many times these are souls who do not realize they have crossed over, these souls are in distress on the Inner Planes.  Nonacceptance of the reality of death may cause a person to become earthbound after death. Many of these may have been labeled as good people on this earth however due to the probability of not understanding the afterlife and its progressions these souls will linger close to the earth refusing to accept post mortem conditions.

 An example of the well meaning or unknowing dead would be the death of a spouse with the one who crossed over being confused and clinging to the surviving partner for various reasons.  Usually it is more prevalent when the one who died did so as the result of an accident, a terminal illness, or in other words not by natural means.

Incidents of this nature can be resolved for the most part quite easily for the one who has crossed over can be communicated with by person(s) who are sensitive.

One may best pray for these discarnate souls at the 11th hour on Saturday mornings for this works with the rhythm of the souls of the dead and such prayers enlist heavenly helps namely those of the first heaven where dwell the Saints and the Men in White Apparel. Additionally prayers by the living enable the angels to come closer to these souls who are unaware of their angels but are made more aware of the angels by these prayers.

 The evil earthbound dead are interested only in the world of the living and after death their emotions become a raging torment for they are unable to die to their emotions which are of the lowest octave. These discarnate beings vested with all their rage and anger seek out former environments and persons with whom they have a vendetta against or dominated. These beings can be seen by the living as an apparitional body and are often what people refer to as ghosts. They can devitalize and cause harm to the living. They do have the ability to use audible sound and use the latent kinetic force in objects.  The evil earthbound dead were parasitical while living and this need to prey on others continues after death. The forces of the Satan energy work through the evil earthbound dead and prey upon those who like themselves while incarnate were filled with malice, avarice, covetousness, or lust.

I wish to share an experience concerning an incident where a woman was referred to me for assistance involving the imprisonment of her daughter for the murder of the woman’s’ son-in-law.  This woman was very insistent and I was reluctant to agree to a session due to my “gut feeling” that something just wasn’t right, however after careful consideration I agreed. I am not going to use any names for this was a significant case and highly publicized trial. The woman desired to record the session which I did not object to, however the deceased son-in-law evidently did for when she arrived home the tape was void of any sound. During my session with her she showed me pictures and I was already aware of the images for the son-in-law was present during this session communicating with me stating,  “this woman’s daughter my former wife, did murder me, in fact she planned that my death appear to be the result of a robbery. I hate her, I was not ready to die, I was cheated, I miss my daughters, I miss my life! She took it upon herself to play God and for what greed, sheer greed!”  Of course the woman was not aware of his communication with me, although I did advise her of his presence. She told me of the terrifying phenomena that he was creating although he was on the other side within the household and at the prison. The woman was  completely in denial concerning any guilt on her daughters part and proceeded to ramble on concerning the amount of money spent on attorneys thus far and although a great deal of money was left due to his death the majority was in trust for the dead mans’ daughters. I proceeded diplomatically  never lying to her and I did agree to correspond with her imprisoned daughter on one occasion. I knew that the daughter was definitely guilty and  probably would never be released from a life in prison, so the only comfort I could provide was advice on coping and viewing this situation as a challenge in addition to realizing that she did have some form of freedom, and that being “her thoughts.”

I did recommend a man who had a reputation of being a very powerful exorcist to assist with helping the angry discarnate son-in-law find peace and I can only hope that the woman did contact him. In this case I do not label the departed son-in-law as evil, vindictive yes, but not evil. In this case he was refusing to accept his post-mortem state initially to assure that his former wife was convicted of his murder however after this was accomplished rather than moving on he chose to remain in order to create further chaos and be ever vigilant in maintaining his former wife’s imprisonment.

 Before I proceed any further I feel compelled to interject my interpretation of “evil”. As an old master of mine once said, “evil is confused with negativity, take the word evil and spell it backwards and you get live, so how a person lives as an incarnate being determines the true meaning of the word evil and if they themselves are indeed evil… they are negative.”  It is worth mentioning for the record that when this Earth was created the energies were both positive and negative for one does not exist without the other.  The real accomplishment is utilizing both forces to create balance, harmony.

 Wickedness in high places or in religious atmospheres is indicative of the earthbound bigots and many of the priests of magic who lived in Persia, China, Chaldea, Babylon, Egypt, or Atlantis who are still in an earthbound state.  As astral gurus they seek to impose their wills upon the unknowing in our world of physicality. When an astral guru or a spectral entity takes possession of a person living , it may truly be said that the person can no longer call his soul his own for this being has “walked in.”

 Those discarnate beings who haunt certain places and make racket, are amusing themselves at the expense of credulity and cowardice. Some of these beings pretend to be the devil or give themselves infernal names. Bear in mind that there are spirits everywhere, and wherever you may be they are ever present at your side. Many of the earthbound dead do not intrude upon the lives of the living but are referred to as observing entities and simply wander from place to place unaware of their state of consciousness. In regards to  those mischievous beings simply laugh at them, they will grow weary if they see that they cannot terrify or annoy you. Show them that you are not their dupes and they will not return.

 Death does not produce magic, transforming persons instantly good and pure. The emotions and the mentality are the same after death as they were in the world of physicality. It is wise at all times to armor ourselves with the “OR”, “The Light”, by binding our natural inclination to receive for the self alone and transmute this reactivity into acts of sharing with humanity thus becoming proactive beings for only in this way can we be insulated and protected from the subterranean, astral dot and dash, psychical and inverted communication.

 Now regarding Hauntings due to the conditions prevailing in a particular place; these are events somehow recorded and stored in a manner similar to a video tape, which is admittedly not yet understood. At times certain conditions prevail and trigger the start button on the tape and these stored events begin to replay and playback.  Since hauntings appear to be the repeating performance of recorded past events the characters involved are part of the recording and their actions are replayed over and over.  The scene and the action do not usually change from showing to showing, it remains the same as watching a video over and over. The characters in a haunting are called “haunting apparitions” and unlike a ghost these apparitions cannot be communicated with for they are simply part of a movie, a recording , so interaction is not possible. A true haunting of this nature is a fragment or portion of an actual event and those hauntings that are reported are predominantly of events that involved tragedy, death or emotional trauma.

 Witnesses of Hauntings frequently experience fear, anxiety, and long term stress. Because Hauntings and haunting apparitions are recordings there is no connection or interaction possible between the living and any aspect of the haunting. Simply understanding the innocuous nature of  this type of haunting creates a removal of the haunting in the same manner as living next to a high traffic area, after a while the noise fades into the background. Additionally there are some psychic practioners who have been noted for affecting a haunting by in the sense taping over the event transforming the haunting location into a sort  of some positive emotionally charged event, a “good vibes” situation.


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Motivating Factors Created by Fear

One of my most respected mentors and teachers, a wise elderly first decan Piscean, shared that the three greatest sins are, intentional cruelty, unintentional cruelty, and superstitionI have discovered the truth in his words, which are nothing new under the sun and being as it is I will be sharing motives that create harm which are intentional, those that are thoughtless and those motivated by fear.

 Intentional Cruelty is purposely to create pain to another living being and this is the greatest of all sins — the devices of the Satan energy. Becoming involved in an initiatory fraternity can set you up for intense challenges particularly if you reach a place where you wish to detach from the group. Depending on your level of initiation, secrets have been revealed and oaths have been taken. Some groups take this far more seriously than others with some still believing as many ancient groups did that the only way to detach is through death.

 Speaking from experience, it behooves anyone who is considering a commitment in an initiatory fraternity/sorority to investigate the groups’ history.  Once involved it is very difficult to remove yourself, safely.  When I detached by choice of flight from the occult group I was involved with during my youth I found myself hounded on the astrals for years until my vibrations elevated to a level were my pursuers could no longer find me. At this present place in time many of those I was affiliated with are literally dead, diseased, or very few, like me, detached.

 Climbing the stairs of purification was more difficult than imagined but I steadily made progress. I admit that I stumbled here and there but I embrace the words of an anonymous writer, “All athletes occasionally stumble. What sets the champion apart is that he or she immediately rises and shakes off the dust to race on, undisturbed and more aware of the road.”

 Other forms of intentional intrusion could result from the desire of a certain group to obtain you as a member and if you resist or don’t accept the invitation they may come up against you and create harm to coerce you into joining or to teach you a lesson.  You must remember that those groups who are on the left hand path or what is labeled as the dark side do not consider any repercussions for their actions for they are riding so high on negative energy that they believe they are invincible and the laws of the Universe do not pertain to them particularly the law of cause and effect.

 As I have previously mentioned another intrusion that those of low vibrational energies employ and have no remorse in utilizing is randomly selecting an individual or individuals to experiment on. So it is possible that by being in the wrong place at the wrong time becoming a target of experimental entertainment is quite probable.

 On a completely human level we have all encountered persons who have been jealous or envious, gossipers, backstabbers, facilitators of chaos, vessels of gloom and despair, — and such.  It is only sensible to protect ourselves from the thoughts and actions of these unevolved reactionary selfish beings as well. These are people we encounter in our everyday activities — at work, at play, within social circles, and there is that saying, “who needs enemies when you have family.”

 Unintentional cruelty despite that it stems from sheer thoughtlessness is just as harmful and bears the same consequences as intentional cruelty.

These are persons who are motivated by the desire to receive for the self alone and are ignorant of the harm they create due to their selfish natures but as it is said, “ignorance of the law is no excuse!”

 Examples of such thoughtlessness are for instance if an employer doesn’t not pay his employees on the scheduled day, thinking nothing of the difficulties he could be creating for them and their families — so much suffering may be created by such inconsideration. Another would be if a person makes a promise to call someone, meet someone, or pick someone up within a specific time frame and they fail to do so — again much suffering can be created by acts of thoughtlessness. Careless words and speech are just as harmful as those that are malicious. Acts of this nature can leave a person physically and psychologically exhausted hence classifying it as an intrusion.  It is wise to be aware of unintentional cruelty for it bears the same Tikkun or karmic consequences, — karma never forgets and it does not take into account that man or woman forgets.

 Cruelty resulting from fear, superstition, motivates such persons to come up against any who do not share their convictions or beliefs.  Throughout history the majority of humankind has acted out according to their fear based analogies and beliefs. The inquisitors did it, many religious people did it in the name of God, the government did it in the name of freedom and technology, cultures did it and all try to excuse or justify their cruelty by saying that it is the custom — it is progress.  Again karma does not excuse fear based cruelty, “superstition,”– the time always comes for the bill to be paid and it usually presents itself when the human least expects it.

 By sharing this information I am not encouraging hyper vigilance but rather utilizing my experienced experiences and knowledge by creating awareness for informed choices so that a person can make an educated decision in order to be “one step ahead.”  The three greatest sins, — intentional cruelty, unintentional cruelty, and superstition — are fatal for they sin against love.  Will, Wisdom, and Love are the three aspects of the Logos; if we wish to be one with the Source of Creation we must share these aspects within our world extending these to all beings, — great and small.

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Psychic Voyeurism

Psychic voyeurism is a term I use to describe the morbid curiosities of occultists. I personally classify it as visual rape for these people dabble into the affairs of others without their permission and knowledge for the most part, always seeking to “view” others affairs by means of various forms of divination, astral intrusion, and a multitude of techniques acquired by adepts. I personally have enough to consider concerning my own spiritual evolution without meddling in other people’s affairs particularly using magical tools to do so, but there are those who seem to expend much energy on being just plain noisy. I have had people come to me on a number of occasions requesting that I look into another person for them and I politely decline for unless I have that person’s permission to go into their space, I will not. I would not appreciate another doing this to me so it basically is taking into practice and consideration the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” It is very common among those on the reactive path to invade others privacy especially if they have been working a spell or the juju on them. Those on the reactive side often underestimate the protective powers of others. They somehow feel that they are invincible and that nothing they conjure up could possibly fail. I am a person who respects the beliefs of others, for those who stand firm in their convictions concerning their belief system are as strong as any others who stand firmly in their own. Those on the left-hand path however do not feel that any other path is more powerful than their own. During the course of working their conjurations on others they will constantly, sometimes on a daily basis, utilize various forms of divination to determine the progress of their psychic dictatorship. If they are not getting the desired results they will at the appropriate moon phase, day, and planetary hour increase the intensity of the existing spell or add one more horrific to the present operation. It is very important to use caution regarding items containing DNA, such as hair, nail clippings, worn clothing, blood, linens, towels, etcetera…for times such as these are a very powerful tool in the hand of an Adept Occultist. I additionally advise being particularly cautious as to who you permit to take or have in their possession a photo of you or someone you love. Those who work the left-hand path are unconscionable and will and can use any item containing personal concentrated energy to work their machinations. Again I am going to reintegrate the use of “pawns.” These persons are used as voyeurs, for they have been ordered to view and gather as much information as possible on a target or an experiment. These persons are ordered to particularly focus on any vulnerabilities. In one case a young girl who was ignorant of these ways divulged too much information to actually several pawns and her life became chaotic to the point where she literally felt she was having a nervous breakdown. They would leave mementos of their nightly visits on her doorstep or windowsill, call her home continuously hanging up, leave objects on her car, she would receive suspicious chain letters, and they would create tension at her place of employment. It is unfortunate that all of these occurrences had no grounds for legal measures for those who work the reactive left-hand path do know how to cover their actions so that the so called system of man made justice cannot be employed. When she lost her employment due to her deteriorating mental, emotional, and physical state I knew that her best refuge was flight and sometimes this is not easy to achieve but evidentially her Guardian angels and Guides agreed with this measure and everything fell into place. At present after receiving assistance from traditional medicine and counseling balanced with spiritual counseling and knowledge she is healing and has discovered her true strength. As I have mentioned before it is my opinion that that information shared in these pages can provide protection, for the knowledge concerning these insidious forces will expose the intentions of those who I consider disciples of the anti-Christ energy. In Qabalistic Numerology “Christ” means “knowledge of love and light,” so anti-Christ would denote those who are against the knowledge of love and light.


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Dr Alex G. Bennington has been an ordained minister of metaphysics and holds a degree in Philosophy. Doctor G has conducted numerous workshops and lessons in truthover the past 33 years and courageously shares  controversial insight regarding the occult, the supernatural, kabbalah, etcetera…, based on experiences and education with a poignant stylethat  is admired and respected.

Doctor G’s book, “An American Witch’s Book of Spells, Nine Generations of Formulas that Work,” is now available on Amazon for $17.99 and on Kindle download for $9.99.


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