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An American Witch’s Book of Spells

Good Pic of Book 001This occult book is a comprehensive guidebook from the perspective of Nine Generations of American Witches.  This “living” generational “Book of Shadows” is a complete collection of once secret, ancient magic rituals with spells, charms, amulets, protection, talismans, and other practical sorcery.  There are many spell books on the market, but the type of spells within the pages of this book simply have not been shared outside of the family until now.  A Real Witch adroit in the craft would find the information within this book valuable. Although it is not recommended for a layman, a novice could use this book successfully for the spells are complete, ingredients and directions are concise and detail oriented.  Additionally, although this is a non-Wiccan book, there are many spells that a Wiccan witch could use by adapting it to their principles.
This book has been updated as of 1/19/2014.   Ingredients are provided in US and Metric measurements for Universal appeal.  Formulas include, but are not limited to: Protection & Security, Abundance & Prosperity, Love & Attraction, Banishment & Uncrossing, Business, Success & Legal matters, Spells from the dark-side, Exorcism, making Magical & Tallow Candles, how to make formulas for incense, oils, potions, specialty baths, & floor washes. Additionally, thorough information regarding “Timing” is included to insure the success of your workshop and Ceromancy, reading the candle and the flame.  This book would be a great addition to the library of any witch or person with occult interest.
The book can be purchased on Amazon for $14.95 and a Kindle download is $5.00.  I do have some reviews on selling venues other than Amazon.  You can take a view inside of the book for additional information.

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Diagnosis and Nature of an Assault

We live in the midst of unseen forces whose effects alone we perceive.  We move among invisible forms whose actions for the most part we do not perceive at all, though we may be affected by them.  Not all unseen forces are necessarily evil, there are different classes and orders of spirits just as there are different classes and orders of humans.

 It is imperative that diagnosis must precede the treatment of psychic intrusion.  We must take into consideration the visible signs of the psychic attack before we can make a determination indicating the source of it’s origin.  The most common form of psychic intrusion is human ignorance, unintentional cruelty,  resulting in attacks which are not deliberately orchestrated. Additionally we must rule out Alcohol and chemical addictions, pathogenic conditions, mental conditions, stress, duress, fatigue, fraud, phobias, and self defeating personality. Also to not be taken lightly is cyber-space intrusions which are linked to our modern computer technology.   On the World Wide Web people can become whatever they chose to be, projecting their shadows and targeting others at will.  Each day we are exposed to the media, other peoples baggage, and environmental factors, all of which can be intrusions on our psyche.

 A tremendous amount of effort and energy is poured into intentional cruelty. Many times months of preparation are involved.  The dominator must first invoke and concentrate his force — once this is done, the victim is considered. The first step is astral contact, but a rapport must be established before this may be done and this is easier said than done. The victim must be found, then a point of contact must be established within their sphere so that the victim’s aura may be successfully penetrated.  The most common practice is to obtain an object containing some of the victim’s DNA, such as hair, nail clippings, or something that is habitually worn or handled. These objects are magnetically connected with the owner, the victim, so by means of this magnetic link the dominator gains the psychic ear of the victim by means of an etheric thread  (regardless of the distance) with the intention of causing the victim to  hear suggestions made on a subconscious level.  Tremendous focus and meditation is required to achieve these mental assaults.  This is also referred to as contagious magic, “Law of Contagion.”  The seeds planted will either grow or be cast from the mind, but regardless the victim will usually experience physical and/or psychological disturbance.

 If a magnetic link cannot be established a substitute must be employed.

An object is chosen and by means of ritual ceremony is made to represent the victim.  In some cultures an animal may be baptized with the victims’ name,  then tortured to death with the thoughts directed upon the proposed victim.  Some may chose to create a wax image or use a doll which has been ceremonially prepared using the same technique of inflicting torture while concentrating on the intended victim.  Some will prepare talismans or objects which are placed in the path or vicinity in which the victim must pass over or through frequently. If the dominator is hell bent on creating chaos in the life of the victim and other ploys seem ineffective, the dominator may choose to invoke the cooperation of an entity or a number of them.  Sometimes the invocation of a low vibrational spirit is conjured in conjunction with other methods, however usually it is only invoked when all else fails.

 When experiencing a psychic intrusion generally several of the following occur:

 *Characteristic dreams;  A feeling of heaviness or weight upon the chest; Actual bruising and/or scratches upon waking.

 *Hallucinations; Literally seeing walls or furnishings breathing or undulating; Paintings appearing to come to life; Images appearing in mirrors.

 *Unusual pet related incidents such as chasing invisible objects, or fixation on a particular area; Fear, trembling and shaking without probable cause.

 *An oppressive atmosphere; Cold spots in areas that are usually warm.

 *Plant life withering and/or dying — not related to human error or environmental imbalances.

 *Infestation of insects — of some species, usually cockroaches, ants, flies,  or spiders.

 *Dangerous happenings or “close calls”.

 * Chronic Physical and Psychological Exhaustion; Mental/Emotional Breakdown.

 *Evil Odors characterized by the smell of decomposing flesh; Precipitation of slime.

 *Audible sound manifestations such as the astral bell, whispers, laughter, moans, creaks, singing, etc… .

 *Outbreaks of Fire; Objects moving; Appliances, lights, computers, and the like that appear to turn on and off by themselves.

 * Headaches whose symptoms resemble migraines; generally located in only one of the quarters of the victim’s head and traditional medicine does not alleviate them.

 *Floating balls of light; Shadowy figures standing in doorways, sitting on furniture, or passing through walls; Feeling and seeing actual movement of a being as if sitting down on a sofa, chair, or bed.

 *The feeling that someone is breathing on your neck or brushing against your skin; Goosebumps that suddenly appear for no apparent reason; Unusual pain in the abdominal area, the gut — solar plexus.

 A sense of fear, apprehension, paranoia, confusion, and oppression is very characteristic of an intrusion. Usually the senses are more exaggerated but it usually is always apparent in those that are targeted.

Psychic intrusions do trigger the flight or fight reaction in the same manner as any legitimate response concerning life crises — as violent crime, accidents, transitions, childbirth, divorce, or disease. The medulla oblongata which is the primal part of the back brain is responsible for controlling automatic body functions and being the control center for the central nervous system it is in charge of our habitual emotional responses. So when we are frightened, anxious, or feel threatened in any way the medulla oblongata stimulates a bio chemical reaction referred to as Flight or Fight Syndrome. Neurotransmitters release a surge of adrenaline into the bloodstream which floods the vessels in the back of the brain. Feelings may include and not be limited to heart palpitations, fear, anger, fear, detachment, numbness, shock, hot flashes, or cold sweats. It can be challenging to explain to persons with little or no knowledge of metaphysics or the esoteric aspect of life that they are experiencing such symptoms without tangible cause or that such reactions are not stemming from what society refers to as normal probable cause.

 It is said that “Wars are won in the Will.”  Will is one of the three aspects of the Logos, so by honing our Will we protect ourselves from mental, emotional, and psychic assaults projected by others.  No person who has perfected their Will can be dominated by any form of hypnosis, especially to the extent of being put to sleep, and no one with a positive mental attitude can be dominated.  


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Psychic Addiction

 Along with those who abuse hypnosis I place psychics who abuse their power at the top of the list of the most heinous crimes committed against humanity. Such people in my opinion are an axis of evil. Perhaps, desperation or greed is responsible for such behavior.  But, regardless, it is a choice.  Ultimately, fear is the real culprit.  Such choices are not without consequences. Often these types of mediums receive their information from low vibrational beings which lead them further down the road of destruction for themselves and those they victimize.  Also, as I have mentioned previously these types of people ride so high on negative energy that they believe that even kryptonite (metaphorically speaking) cannot bring them down.  However, no one in the human experience can escape Tikun or Karma for cause and effect is one of the seven laws of the Universe.

Naturally, such psychics prey on vulnerable or desperate people, often people of goodwill. They generally bait people with free readings or often I see them advertise readings for five dollars. It is always good to remember that there is really no such thing a free lunch, if you will. I am not saying that most of these people are not psychic for often they truly are mediums who have chosen to use their gifts in a non-benevolent manner. I do not have an issue with mediums or psychics who use their gifts secularly for they are entitled to this choice of a vocation, it is when they cross the boundaries and abuse these gifts by employing extortion. In my opinion such people as murderers falling within the realm of the angel of death. I say this because by their actions they are tapping into this principality and by doing so their actions bear like results. Death is not limited to the physical body. The end of a friendship, the failure of a business, the destruction of finances, the dissolution of a marriage, the loss of dignity, destruction of trust, are all expressions of death. I am clair-sentience and clair-cognizant myself, however there is a code of ethics and professionalism that does exist for those who choose to interact with humankind as we do. Being a spiritual doctor, if you will, I adhere to the oath, “Primum Non Nocere”, “First Do No Harm.” Also as a teacher I encourage students to stand on their own legs as opposed to creating a dependency on me for I choose not to encourage “cling-ons”, which has earned me the title, “the reluctant guru”.

Once these mediums lure you in with a free or cheap reading, they can tell you things that will convince you that they are truly clairvoyant, they will try to establish a good rapport with you in order to gain your trust and check you out to be certain that they can play you, once they have accomplished this the real deception begins for they know that they have fertile soil in which to nourish the seed they have planted. Most often they will tell you that you are experiencing hardships or whatever issue you are facing because someone has placed a curse on you or I have even heard that they will claim that a person is suffering from a curse placed on an individual’s family in another generation. Now granted in some cultures people do strongly believe in generational curses and I am not attempting to invalidate or minimize this, for to them it is very real. Once these seeds of fear are planted, these charlatans will water and feed these seeds in order to accomplish their goal which is to extract as much of your finances as possible and some have been known to drain people completely. I am not saying that people can never fall under the influence of a curse, for they can, but generally when people of this nature come to me seeking the situation is examined thoroughly so as to provide the person with the tools they need to preferably remedy the issue for themselves. At times more is needed and in these cases either I work with another individual to perform deliverance or I refer them to another person with high ethical standards who can help them effectively and proactively. The fees of real advisors and facilitators with ethics reflect an average hourly professional rate, never inflated to satisfy greed or a hypertrophied ego. Never is a person told that in order to break the evil curse they must hand over their life savings because money is the root of all evil…this is ludicrous and again a heinous crime against humanity. More often than not many who contact persons such as myself, have in fact exhausted most if not all of their resources, financially, emotionally, and mentally. In these cases human kindness is extended and the necessary spiritual work is offered pro bono.

I do believe that people can be influenced by psychic intrusion and this can be resolved with the application of proper knowledge and technology. In Kabbalah we believe that when we behave reactively we nourish the Klipot. The Klipot are shells of negativity and they are called shells because they confine and conceal sparks of light just as a shell confines and conceals a nut. Klipot steal sparks of light from us to sustain them and when we act badly the light we draw from such behavior goes directly to the Klipot. So often times due to bad behavior a person will be surrounded with many negative energy shells, because for every reactive action we attract 100 negative angels. These particles of energy are exemplified by our selfishness and intolerance. So often times we create our own so called curse and the beautiful thing is that we truly do have the power to correct this ourselves without paying another person an over inflated fee. The initial step is that our actions and words embody tolerance, compassion, and self-control over our ego self and its constant stream of judgments for this ignites positive forces.

Another avenue of psychic abuse can be via telephone and Internet services. Again the offer of free readings or the promise of making everything beautiful with a rendition of the Cowsills, I love the flower girl playing in the background. Again just sharing a little of my sarcastic humor, but in all honesty the Internet has opened a new mode of communications for those of us in the psychic sciences. I personally love the net for it has afforded me the incredible opportunity of helping others on a global scale and I do thank those in the scientific community who created this avenue of communications. As with all forces though, there is a negative and a positive for one does not exist without the other.

There are some basic red flags that are very obvious, for identifying those who prey on others in the psychic sciences.  However, often when a person is needy they do not see the forest for the trees.

These predators tell you that you are experiencing misfortune because you are under the influence of a curse. Even if this were true if they start eliciting large sums of money or demanding other precious items such as jewelry and such…this is a scam. One common tactic is that they tell you that you must surrender your money for it is evil. They usually ask you to wrap the money in a white or red cloth. They will want you to hand the money wrapped in the cloth to them personally and they will perform a ceremony with you which seemingly is to remove this so called evil. Regardless a bait and switch takes place…counterfeit money wrapped in a cloth will be destroyed while the real money will be in the charlatan’s pocket.

Another methodology of these people is to basically keep you active either cleansing yourself or performing some ritual that they have deemed necessary…for you…Not! …for their pocketbook… Yes. Once they know that they can control you in this manner they will sell you baths, candles, oils, crystals, statues, etcetera at very absorbent prices. Often many of these products can be purchased at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Many people I speak with have fallen under the influence of those who basically sell love spells, so to speak. I had one young lady by the name of Cathy who came to me and has granted me permission to share her story, told me that she was online performing a do it yourself tarot reading on an Oracle website and noticed an advertisement for a free reading by a medium who claimed to be able to create love between you and the person of your desire. Anyhow, Cathy promptly contacted her and the first few sessions were all right, or so she thought. An early red flag for Cathy was when the medium insisted that she telephone her at specific times. This was a tactic employed by the medium to determine Cathy’s vulnerability and obedience. Cathy said she paid her a small fee for some so called spiritual work designed to bring the person she desired to her. Well, a week passed and then a HUGE RED FLAG manifested, the medium tells Cathy that there is so much negativity surrounding her and this man she desires that the work she has done thus far was not powerful enough and in order to break this she needs to do some really powerful work and the materials for this work is very expensive…with the corrupt medium slyly adding, “Isn’t being with the man of your dreams worth it?” Anyhow, Cathy paid this medium very significant sum of money and the end result? Cathy never did unite with this man she desired and in reality all she was merely experiencing was lust and the relationship was not meant to be. If she would have come together with this man all the result would have been is what I refer to as a “genital relationship”. This was a costly lesson for Cathy financially and emotionally, however what was more interesting is that Cathy came to know that this man she thought she wanted is an alcoholic and has tremendous anger issues, not only through her own personal observations after the fact but via the grapevine as well. I did encourage Cathy to report this crime to the proper authorities as another step in an attempt to discourage these predators. The bottom line is, if someone says that they are all powerful and can accomplish certain feats, don’t buy it…walk away…sleep on it as our elders often say, ask for guidance from you higher self or others you trust, and in the morning what you think you want and what you truly need will be in prospective and you can use your hard earned cash in a more productive manner.

Now I wish to address all you seekers. If you have a reading more than twice a month, you may be psychic dependent. If you are consulting several advisors or psychics regularly, then you may be psychic dependent. If you cannot make a decision without first consulting a psychic or advisor, then you ARE suffering from psychic addiction. You need to make a check and balance sheet. Honestly write down that which has proven helpful and has manifested into reality in a positive sense and then write down that which was, just words placating your ego, entertainment, or simply what you wanted to hear but bore no fruit. Now calculate how much money you have invested in these communications. Now visualize how you could have used that money more productively and visualize the future with you no longer wasting those dollars and create a movie visualizing yourself achieving a tangible goal that truly benefits you or those you love. If you choose to continue to seek advice on occasion (no more than once a month), choose an advisor who is REAL, not dysfunctional, manipulative, or egotistical, and charges a reasonable professional fee for their services.

Last but not least, utilize Discrimination. I am not using this word in the context that you might suppose but rather in dissecting the word using Qabbalistic Numerology we can possibly discover its true meaning.

D = 4
I = 1
S = 6
C = 3
R = 2
I = 1
M = 4
I = 1
N = 5
A =1
T = 9
I = 1
O = 7
N =5

ADD these numbers together. 

(4 + 1 + 6 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 7 + 5 = 50)

We get the number 50.  Then 50 reduces to 5 (50 = 5 + 0 = 5).  Five is a number which correlates with the energy of Mercury.  So if we use our minds we can achieve balance where our choices are concerned and discriminate in a proactive manner.  “Dis”…removes “Crimi”…energy associated with matters not conducive to global responsibility and not acceptable to or in society. A…higher intelligence T…power ion…shun, not be involved in. So discrimination is using our own personal power and choice to remove our selves from that which is not for the good of our selves or humanity by using our higher intelligence and not involving ourselves with such persons or in such matters.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a psychic, or astrology scam, please report this crime of fraud to one or all of the following agencies.

United States of America
• Federal Trade Commission – The Federal Trade Commission provides information to help consumers spot and avoid fraudulent practices in the marketplace, and can be contacted at the following:

WASHINGTON DC 20580-0001

FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center
• National Fraud Information Center
• US Postal Service – The U.S. Postal Inspection Service should be contacted if you think you may have been victimized by a fraudulent promotional offer. You can contact them at the following address, or check the government pages of your telephone book:

CHICAGO IL 60606-6100


State Attorneys General.   

Your state Attorney General or local office of consumer protection is also listed in the government pages of your telephone book.

Other Countries:

• Australian Securities and Investment Commission
• Australia Scamwatch
• Consumers online (Australian Government)
• The Australian Communications Authority monitors the compliance of the legislation in Australia. Visit their website, if you would like to report/complain about spam, or obtain more information on spam laws, spam reduction, and Internet security.
• South Australia Office of Consumer and Business Affairs
• Western Australia Department of Consumer and Employment Protection – Scamnet

• Better Business Bureau
• Industry Canada Consumer Connection (Scams)
• Phone Busters (Telemarketing Complaints)

New Zealand
• Commerce Commission
• NZ Securities Commission
• NZ Serious Fraud Office
• For more information about lotteries and gaming laws in New Zealand visit the Department of Internal Affairs website (

United Kingdom



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Dr Alex G. Bennington has been an ordained minister of metaphysics and holds a degree in Philosophy. Doctor G has conducted numerous workshops and lessons in truthover the past 33 years and courageously shares  controversial insight regarding the occult, the supernatural, kabbalah, etcetera…, based on experiences and education with a poignant stylethat  is admired and respected.

Doctor G’s book, “An American Witch’s Book of Spells, Nine Generations of Formulas that Work,” is now available on Amazon for $17.99 and on Kindle download for $9.99.


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