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Vampirism … Do vampires exist in our modern day society?  Vampires are part history, part religion, part philosophy, and part poetic imagery so yes, absolutely, vampires do exist!  Whether such a creature exists as a myth, a story form, or legend, believing in vampires from a psychological perspective is a way of viewing the world as we know it or the lessons we have thus learned. In other words our very thoughts and beliefs of what we take in from our five senses in this world of physicality can give us reason enough to see vampires everywhere and even realize that each of us could become a vampire ourselves. The types of vampires that I am going to address are “psychic/energy vampires”, not the Dracula of Bram Stokers novel or the vampires of Ann Rice’s creation. In the days of old pathogenic conditions as pemphigus vulgarus (gives rise to bite like lesions), morphea (causes violet colored lesions around the lower lip) and hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia could have been associated with believing such afflicted individuals to literally be vampires.  I must comment however that there are individuals in this world who do feed literally on human blood but for the most part it is done consensually among their own familiars.

 Psychic or Energy vampires are individuals who drain others of their vital energy and are of two types, those who are conscious of their actions and those who are unconscious of their vampirism.  The later are the most common group for most people do not intentionally wish to deliberately deplete others of their life force, but there are those who do.

 Conscious psychic/energy vampires deliberately machinate methods to take energy from others and many can orchestrate this so eloquently that much time will pass before the victim is aware of the intrusion, if ever.  Some employ the use of magic.  While others, have an instinctive ability whether it is natural or developed to directly drain their victims vital energy either from their aura or on the astral plane. I am certain that most of us must confess that during sometime in our life we have been in contact with a person(s) who has left us emotionally and/or physically depleted after being in their presence whether in the flesh or via telephone. As on the physical level when someone forces themselves on you without your consent it is rape, likewise when these conscious psychic/energy vampires  attempt to attach and take your energy this is a form of “psychic rape.”

 During my youth when I was involved in the dark light due to my unbridled egomania and catlike curiosity,  myself and others would go out “energy hunting” under the direction of our leader.  Many of the members preferred clubs for gathering energy however I preferred more upscale victims so I would frequent theater, museums, and such. This is going to sound morbid but I preferred “fine dining”, not one night stands but rather higher quality subjects that afforded me long term usage.  Of course what I am referring to is obtaining energy from sex.  Sexual activity produces tremendous energy which is readily available to feed upon. Once the victim is entangled in the web, sex is an inevitable consequence.  It is advisable to restrain the victim by means of straps, scarves, cuffs, etcetera for this gives you control over the ritual. The victim is sexually aroused to the point of frustration but orgasm is not permitted.  Many times drugs are administered to make orgasm difficult or impossible.  It is best to be in the dominant position in order to have almost total control over the session. The more frustrated the victim becomes, the more sexual energy that is building in the root chakra, the heat generated can be felt, and for those of us who are clairvoyant a brilliant red glow can be seen around the genitalia at which the adept vampire can siphon off this energy and when the victim does reach orgasm the adept vampire visualizes all this energy being released into them, stored and used for later proceedings or as needed to sustain them energetically.

 At this point I wish to say, now that I am energetically correct due to practicing Kabbalistic principles, I understand that sex provokes heightened consciousness when we tune into the spiritual purpose of sex which ignites true passion without stealing the energy of my partner.  In Kabbalah the cosmic and the erotic are intimately intertwined.  Sex is not a mere mechanical sport, but a sacred dance of the two souls becoming one.  When we use sex for ego that is when we drain our relationships.  I have come to appreciate the male energy and know with certainty that sexual energy is used for “Lightmaking”…Love, if you will, into the world by creating circular energy.

 Another form of a psychic/energy vampire are incorporeal beings referred to as incubus and succubus.  They are related to beings such a Mara and the Night Hags, presenting only minor differences in their nature and preferences.  Many of my acquaintances of the Black culture would refer to visitations by “The Hag” and what was interesting is that these visitations occurred when the person was not “living right” as they would refer to it. The appearance of these beings, often reflect the creation of the victims’ mind.  But may also, be nightmarish in appearance feeding on fear rather than lust.  Some mortal vampires will create a servitor or employ the services of an incorporeal being to visit the victim with specific orders to drain the victim of their life force and return this energy to them upon completion of the task.  I personally have experienced visitations from incubi during my young adulthood.  And, I must confess, at one point in my life when I was particularly lonely I created an invisible lover which required the assistance of others to de-animate him.  Usually, when an incorporeal being decides that they like you they will return for multiple visitations and they come at will, their will, not your beckoning. 

 If one wishes to remove these beings I recommend substances such as salt and gold, dream catchers, the Lesser banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and the use of mirrors..

 From my own experience, once I changed my life from being a reactive person, full of fear and anger,  to being a proactive being with certainty, continuously seeking truths and sharing, the visitations of incorporeal negative beings ceased.  By raising our vibrations to a higher level such low vibrational beings are not inclined to reach us.

 As a process awareness psychologist it is my opinion that vampirism probably accounts for certain mental disturbances and conditions including deteriorating physical health.  I and others of my profession have encountered many cases where a morbid relationship existing between two persons resulted in one party, usually the one considered the negative one of the pair experiencing lethargy, pallor complexion, depression, and appearing highly suggestible.  In these cases the person suffering once detached from the dominator usually always improves quite remarkably once this unhealthy codependent relationship is severed with the suppressive person and the duo is no more.  The truly needy person, the dominator commonly protests to the extreme offering one of their passive/aggressive “I win you lose” ultimatums.  Freud calls this an Edipus complex where the soul of the parent (dominator) is drawing upon the psychic vitality of the child (victim).

 When vampirism is suspected particularly that deriving from possible magical means or incorporeal beings  it is wise to go over the victims body with a magnifying glass with detailed precision in order to possibly locate minute punctures which cannot be identified with the naked eye.  These are bites that could easily be mistaken for insect bites, however they are not. Examine the neck, particularly behind, under the ears and the lobes, the inner surface of the forearms, the tips of the toes, upon the breasts, the inner thighs, and the pubis. This type of examination usually pays off when many punctures are discovered that otherwise would have gone unnoticed or simply suspected as insect bites.

 I realize that in the world in which we live the majority of us must function among many fellow humans as opposed to cloistering ourselves away as hermits, so in view of this I offer the following recommendations. If you find yourself in the presence of another that you suspect drains your vitality if at all possible keep this person to your right side, if you are left-handed keep them to your left.  If you have any knowledge of metaphysics keep the individual to the side of your projective hand, not the receiving hand. Many times the projective hand is the hand you write with. When sitting cross your legs at the ankles.  Also you can cross your arms at the wrists or hold your thumbs and index fingers of each hand together. If you feel a pull or tugging in your abdominal area (the solar plexus region, our center of power) place a napkin or some object over this area if you cannot fold your hands over it. Usually this sensation is detected when sitting directly across from another.  These simple measures have proven themselves successful for it closes your energy loop keeping your aura and personal energy re-circulating within your being.

 One of the rules of survival is self preservation, and as we can come to realize some take this to the extreme.  Along with this drive comes the need to protect ourselves which is our obligation.  Self defense in any form is not a substitute for common sense.  It is advisable to avoid unnecessary risks, particularly dangerous situations, and questionable associations.  Do not invite the vampire in for once you do they perceive that an open door policy has been engaged!



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