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Most parapsychologists consider Hauntings to be “recordings” of past events that are repetitiously “replayed and “decoded” by those sensitive enough to perceive them.  Actually there are two forms of Hauntings, one is due to a discarnate soul who interferes with a particular person or persons and there are those Hauntings due to the conditions prevailing in a particular place. 

 First I will address Hauntings due to the interference of a discarnate soul. Many times these are souls who do not realize they have crossed over, these souls are in distress on the Inner Planes.  Nonacceptance of the reality of death may cause a person to become earthbound after death. Many of these may have been labeled as good people on this earth however due to the probability of not understanding the afterlife and its progressions these souls will linger close to the earth refusing to accept post mortem conditions.

 An example of the well meaning or unknowing dead would be the death of a spouse with the one who crossed over being confused and clinging to the surviving partner for various reasons.  Usually it is more prevalent when the one who died did so as the result of an accident, a terminal illness, or in other words not by natural means.

Incidents of this nature can be resolved for the most part quite easily for the one who has crossed over can be communicated with by person(s) who are sensitive.

One may best pray for these discarnate souls at the 11th hour on Saturday mornings for this works with the rhythm of the souls of the dead and such prayers enlist heavenly helps namely those of the first heaven where dwell the Saints and the Men in White Apparel. Additionally prayers by the living enable the angels to come closer to these souls who are unaware of their angels but are made more aware of the angels by these prayers.

 The evil earthbound dead are interested only in the world of the living and after death their emotions become a raging torment for they are unable to die to their emotions which are of the lowest octave. These discarnate beings vested with all their rage and anger seek out former environments and persons with whom they have a vendetta against or dominated. These beings can be seen by the living as an apparitional body and are often what people refer to as ghosts. They can devitalize and cause harm to the living. They do have the ability to use audible sound and use the latent kinetic force in objects.  The evil earthbound dead were parasitical while living and this need to prey on others continues after death. The forces of the Satan energy work through the evil earthbound dead and prey upon those who like themselves while incarnate were filled with malice, avarice, covetousness, or lust.

I wish to share an experience concerning an incident where a woman was referred to me for assistance involving the imprisonment of her daughter for the murder of the woman’s’ son-in-law.  This woman was very insistent and I was reluctant to agree to a session due to my “gut feeling” that something just wasn’t right, however after careful consideration I agreed. I am not going to use any names for this was a significant case and highly publicized trial. The woman desired to record the session which I did not object to, however the deceased son-in-law evidently did for when she arrived home the tape was void of any sound. During my session with her she showed me pictures and I was already aware of the images for the son-in-law was present during this session communicating with me stating,  “this woman’s daughter my former wife, did murder me, in fact she planned that my death appear to be the result of a robbery. I hate her, I was not ready to die, I was cheated, I miss my daughters, I miss my life! She took it upon herself to play God and for what greed, sheer greed!”  Of course the woman was not aware of his communication with me, although I did advise her of his presence. She told me of the terrifying phenomena that he was creating although he was on the other side within the household and at the prison. The woman was  completely in denial concerning any guilt on her daughters part and proceeded to ramble on concerning the amount of money spent on attorneys thus far and although a great deal of money was left due to his death the majority was in trust for the dead mans’ daughters. I proceeded diplomatically  never lying to her and I did agree to correspond with her imprisoned daughter on one occasion. I knew that the daughter was definitely guilty and  probably would never be released from a life in prison, so the only comfort I could provide was advice on coping and viewing this situation as a challenge in addition to realizing that she did have some form of freedom, and that being “her thoughts.”

I did recommend a man who had a reputation of being a very powerful exorcist to assist with helping the angry discarnate son-in-law find peace and I can only hope that the woman did contact him. In this case I do not label the departed son-in-law as evil, vindictive yes, but not evil. In this case he was refusing to accept his post-mortem state initially to assure that his former wife was convicted of his murder however after this was accomplished rather than moving on he chose to remain in order to create further chaos and be ever vigilant in maintaining his former wife’s imprisonment.

 Before I proceed any further I feel compelled to interject my interpretation of “evil”. As an old master of mine once said, “evil is confused with negativity, take the word evil and spell it backwards and you get live, so how a person lives as an incarnate being determines the true meaning of the word evil and if they themselves are indeed evil… they are negative.”  It is worth mentioning for the record that when this Earth was created the energies were both positive and negative for one does not exist without the other.  The real accomplishment is utilizing both forces to create balance, harmony.

 Wickedness in high places or in religious atmospheres is indicative of the earthbound bigots and many of the priests of magic who lived in Persia, China, Chaldea, Babylon, Egypt, or Atlantis who are still in an earthbound state.  As astral gurus they seek to impose their wills upon the unknowing in our world of physicality. When an astral guru or a spectral entity takes possession of a person living , it may truly be said that the person can no longer call his soul his own for this being has “walked in.”

 Those discarnate beings who haunt certain places and make racket, are amusing themselves at the expense of credulity and cowardice. Some of these beings pretend to be the devil or give themselves infernal names. Bear in mind that there are spirits everywhere, and wherever you may be they are ever present at your side. Many of the earthbound dead do not intrude upon the lives of the living but are referred to as observing entities and simply wander from place to place unaware of their state of consciousness. In regards to  those mischievous beings simply laugh at them, they will grow weary if they see that they cannot terrify or annoy you. Show them that you are not their dupes and they will not return.

 Death does not produce magic, transforming persons instantly good and pure. The emotions and the mentality are the same after death as they were in the world of physicality. It is wise at all times to armor ourselves with the “OR”, “The Light”, by binding our natural inclination to receive for the self alone and transmute this reactivity into acts of sharing with humanity thus becoming proactive beings for only in this way can we be insulated and protected from the subterranean, astral dot and dash, psychical and inverted communication.

 Now regarding Hauntings due to the conditions prevailing in a particular place; these are events somehow recorded and stored in a manner similar to a video tape, which is admittedly not yet understood. At times certain conditions prevail and trigger the start button on the tape and these stored events begin to replay and playback.  Since hauntings appear to be the repeating performance of recorded past events the characters involved are part of the recording and their actions are replayed over and over.  The scene and the action do not usually change from showing to showing, it remains the same as watching a video over and over. The characters in a haunting are called “haunting apparitions” and unlike a ghost these apparitions cannot be communicated with for they are simply part of a movie, a recording , so interaction is not possible. A true haunting of this nature is a fragment or portion of an actual event and those hauntings that are reported are predominantly of events that involved tragedy, death or emotional trauma.

 Witnesses of Hauntings frequently experience fear, anxiety, and long term stress. Because Hauntings and haunting apparitions are recordings there is no connection or interaction possible between the living and any aspect of the haunting. Simply understanding the innocuous nature of  this type of haunting creates a removal of the haunting in the same manner as living next to a high traffic area, after a while the noise fades into the background. Additionally there are some psychic practioners who have been noted for affecting a haunting by in the sense taping over the event transforming the haunting location into a sort  of some positive emotionally charged event, a “good vibes” situation.



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