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Non Occult Dangers Incident to the Involvement with the Dark Side

As with most groups ours began with good intentions which over the course of time became corrupt due to the arrogance and imperfections of the leaders.  Practically all the members, fraters and so ores, were riding high on negative energy and believed themselves invincible. The majority were women.  This is common in esoteric groups and many of these women are very naïve concerning the underworld activities revolving around groups involved in the dark side.

 One of our male leaders, Gary, due to his avarice became involved in drug trafficking linked with a Cartel in a foreign country. Also he became addicted to cocaine in addition to his alcoholism as was the case with many members of our group. I personally never used or needed illegal substances or narcotics for I had the capability of going into an altered state naturally and my gig was power.  The women of the group were not permitted to witness or be involved in any of the illegal business transactions, so I suppose the only confirmation for my suspicions is based on observations, eavesdropping, intuition, in addition to his lovers throwing him under the bus.  Gary was a psychological bully and progressively became more narcissistic.  But, in his own sick way he was always very protective of certain members, particularly the women — however this was strictly for selfish reasons.  The male members of the group did proclaim to respect the female energy however their attitudes were passive/aggressive thereby reflecting something entirely different. Many of the females were submissive, subjective and suffered many abuses inflicted by the predatory males within our group and those ones that they were lent out to.  I and a few others on the other hand were not so compliant in many ways and did question motives and actions. Those like myself were tolerated for our strengths and gifts were considered valuable.  Additionally Gary and I shared an unhealthy adoration for one another.

 It is common knowledge within esoteric circles that most occult groups are not infrequently used for carnal, mundane exploits whether it is drugs, politics, sexual perversions, or other unethical and unlawful practices.  Many people would be surprised as to the membership of many occult groups, very surprised!

 As I mentioned previously our leader would encourage us to go out –hunt for victims to vampirism — not only for the energy, for our actions enabled him to live vicariously through this type of sexual predatory behavior due to his physical impotence.

 Any female that became involved with Gary as a girlfriend or mistress set herself up to endure much pain physically, emotionally, and mentally. Gary was a sadist and addict. When he was in a drug induced state these women would receive beatings and abuses that no being should be subjected to.  Some of us would interfere at times whereas the others out of fear or simply being in a zombie like state did absolutely nothing. I must comment that every female Gary became involved with committed suicide? There was one incident that was particularly suspicious and supposedly there were no witnesses, but on one occasion there was this particular woman named Sharon that he considered his wife and with Gary this meant chattel…exclusive property — anyhow from what was disclosed he went home one day and she had her belongings packed, loaded in the car and she was going to leave him.  Again it was claimed that she committed suicide.  However, what made it suspicious was that the gunshot wound was to the head particularly the face and women are not known to commit suicide in this manner.  I honestly do not believe that Gary intentionally killed her.  But, what I do believe is that he walked in while she was leaving.  They had an altercation.  He pulled a gun threatening to kill her if she tried to leave.  They struggled and the gun accidentally fired.

 Additionally all involved were expected to recruit new members according to Gary and the council’s prerequisites.  Most of the members used promises to seduce new members while others deceived them into believing that the group was beneficent and was concerned about humanity particularly those less fortunate.  I and a few others used more sophisticated and pervasive techniques.  Hidden manipulation governed every step of our recruiting process. We would push psychological and emotional buttons using an “admiration bomb” which is an emotional overflow of admiration and attention.  We would sell certainty and confidence. Our subjectives did not know that they were being systematically deceived and rendered suggestible by use of counseling processes that are no more than covert hypnosis.

 At one point during my involvement with this dark “House” as we called it, I became interested in an Irish born man by the name of Jim. I truly felt passion and love for this man, which was a reality I had not experienced until that point in time.  A meeting was called in which this specific matter was addressed and I was informed that I was to discontinue this relationship or suffer the consequences.  Evidently my fraters had decided that we must only consummate with our own, with the exception being business transactions.  The others were instructed to shun me and my rights to office space on the property site were relinquished.  I simply made the adjustments necessary and this was the beginning of my realization that it would be best to cut my losses and move away from this entanglement.  Of course when they saw that their attempts to thwart the relationship failed they stepped up the harassment.  I had a will of iron and was still not breaking, so they went to a place that was totally wicked.  One day Jim simply vanished, he was no more — I can’t prove it, but I know in my heart that Gary and select others were responsible for his disappearance…it is with certainty that they gave him an ultimatum that he could not refuse.

 I became involved with the group again but only for a short time.  I made my final decision to detach when I overheard the men’s group discussing the sacrifices that would require preparation for one of our major annual events.  The group had reached a new level of darkness after Gary engaged in intermingling with some undesirables from South America who practiced Kimbanda.  Evidently these so called businessmen put on a benevolent front posing as ambassadors of good will by supporting a number of orphanages exclusively habitated with male children.  What shocked me was that their conversation was laced with innuendos that these boys in these foreign orphanages — unbaptized and virgins — were being cultivated as a crop of so called perfect offerings used in ritual sacrifice. Evidently if someone in a country such as ours required one of these boys, — and only members affiliated with this cult could make such a purchase,– they  were brought in through Canada or a private carrier…human trafficking.  Even though at this point I could consider myself nothing less than a low vibrational being, there was a spark of light within my soul that encouraged me to discontinue my membership in this club.   I knew I had to disassociate and plan my escape carefully.  Now it is my understanding that in order to procure this type of sacrifice the interested party must travel to South America.

 I kept all my plans within my head, my thoughts were exclusively mine.  Not once did I use the spoken or written word to disclose any intentions and I certainly didn’t trust anyone that I was presently affiliated with. I soon discovered that I was not the only one planning a departure.  Rosemary, one of my so ores, approached me and said, “Al,  I don’t know why I’m trusting you but I am. I have to get me and my kids out of here.  Did you read that literature that’s being passed around?”  I replied that I was familiar with it and she proceeded, “I am not going to be sold to some idiot in a foreign country as a wife, concubine or whatever!  I need some good advice and I am so emotionally distraught right now that I am afraid I will make a mistake.”  I calmly advised her first of all not to speak of anything to another soul except her immediate family.  I continued with, “Rosemary go to a payphone, call your parents be honest and explain to them what you have become involved in, remain calm.  I would suggest telling Shimon that you are sending the children to visit your family for the summer, believe me he will be all right with this.  It would be good if your family could make arrangements to have the children flown into another city and state rather than that in which they actually reside…pick them up there and then drive them to their actual residence.  If I were you I would go ahead and sell my car.  But, don’t part with it until the very day of your departure.  Get the children to the airport and then take a cab to a bus station where you will have already made arrangements and will be in route to reunite with your family.  As the hours pass and you have not returned Shimon will believe that you left with the children.  He will check with the airlines, they will tell him that only the children boarded and all of this will give you the edge for he knows you hate buses and would never suspect that you left via bus.”

 Rosemary further replied, “Al that is good, but I still feel I need to tell the police or something, just in case something happens to me, do you know what I mean?”  I answered by saying, “Rosemary, if you do choose to go to the police simply state that the reason you want to make a report is that you have been involved in an occult group that you are leaving and that you are afraid if you are caught that they will harm you and you simply want to make this public record just in case something of this nature were to occur.  Do not go into tales of the supernatural or unlawful activities otherwise they may not take you seriously and may chose to Baker Act you.  Also I reminded her of Gary’s connections within the police force and it may be best to leave without contacting Johnny Law.

 I suppose Rosemary took my advice for within two weeks she was gone. Fortunately Rosemary and I were never really close so I was never suspected of assisting her.  Although Rosemary opened up to me I never uttered one word that I was planning to leave for I simply could not trust anyone regarding my intentions.

My plans were carefully laid.  I am not going to disclose the exact details of my flight path.  Fortunately I never disclosed all information concerning my family, clients, or other pertinent personal matters to my fraters and so ores. My gig had always been power and control so I was not susceptible to suggestibility which is what entangled the majority of the group.  I discreetly gathered many sources of info, data, and pictures — along with notarized individualized letters.  I sent numerous certified packets with this vital information by overnight mail to trusted persons I knew throughout the United States and I did not prepare or mail these until the very day I left.  I telephoned each person informing them of the packet, not to open it, put it in a safe place, and if were to mysteriously disappear or be discovered dead, to immediately take the packet to the authorities, preferably the FBI, and the press. 

 I had put my foot down to the Universe and had adamantly decided to improve my life.  I was hounded on the astrals for a time, but as I grew spiritually and my vibrations elevated those negative ones were not able to reach me any longer, I became invisible so to speak.   My catharsis was lengthy and even though I do not wish to have that much fun again, the experience did bring me to a point where I listen to love rather than fear and I know I am receiving guidance and instruction from my true self…my Higher Consciousness… which is one with Divine Universal Love and Wisdom.


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