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Stone Soup: An Old English Parable — A tale for Imbolc

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Stone Soup: An Old English Parable
A tale for Imbolc–a celebration for which the magic ingredient is community.

A weary traveler, in the depths of winter, came into a dark village. His feet were very sore and his stomach was empty. He walked, door to door, with nothing but a single copper coin to his name, and asked the villagers if he could buy a small portion of their food. At each door, a gaunt villager told him that they were starving themselves and unable to spare even a morsel of their winter stores.

Finally, the young man, cold and hungry, sat down in the center of the square, aware of the eyes peering at him from shuttered windows. He reached down, brushed some snow from a small rock beneath his feet, and lifted it. With a start, he jumped  to his feet, looked up to the shuttered windows, cleared his throat and made an announcement.

“You silly, starving people! How can you hide behind your walls, desperate for food when you have perfectly good stones like this laying all around you? Does but one of you fine women here have a good kettle she can loan me? I promise enough stone soup to feed her whole family if she loans it to me for the day!”

The washerwoman had a kettle frozen behind her house, a large kettle that she usually used for stew at Christmastime, too large to use for her family’s meager meals and too small for laundry. She volunteered it, and the young man dragged it, full of snow, from the outdoor hearth it had occupied for a month to the center of the square. Villagers, bored in the dark winter, gathered around to help the man start a fire and melt the snow and ice in the pot. They were all convinced he was daft, but helped him nonetheless. It was a sleepy village, and his obvious lunacy was worth a few cold feet to observe even if for entertainment

Once the snow had melted, he lifted the stone high for all of the villagers to see and plopped it into the pot. “Stewis blueus magic rock,” he chanted, “give us soup within this crock!” He walked clockwise three times around the pot and took a spoon someone handed him and dipped it in. Ever the diligent cook, he tasted the water and its mild aftertaste of Christmas stew and shook his head. “It’s bland,” he told them, “If only I had just a tiny  bit of salt.”  The butcher told him he had salt sitting in his salting pot, the remnants of salting the midwinter’s catch, which had run out the week before. It was brown and hardened into one lump, but he’d give it to the man at no charge.  The man took his offer gladly, and added the brown lump to the pot.

He again took a sip. “the magic is working” he told his audience, and, indeed, there was a faint smell of food coming from the pot. He sipped the soup again, and made a face. “It’s too sweet!” he said. “If only I had the ends of some turnips, or some radishes to give it a little bite!” Two women looked about and then went into their houses, coming out with half-rotten vegetables. The man carefully prepped the rotted parts away and added the vegetables, greens and all.

There was no mistaking that it smelled like food now. The man tasted the soup, and said “It’s missing something” and handed the spoon to the brew man’s wife, who nodded, then scurried into the closed tavern, returning with a small burlap bag of barley. As she dumped it in, the wife of the mayor objected. “You can’t have barley in soup without parsnips!” she declared, and produced a bunch of limp, graying parsnips, which she handed to the man, who skinned them, chopped them and blended them in.

Another woman objected as well, adding a fat, dry onion to the broth, and another, and still another, each adding the small secret ingredient that made the soups they made at home “perfect.”

Within an hour, the smell of the “magic” soup filled the square, and the people came from every crevice and corner with a bowl. The mayor of the town hailed the wanderer as their savior and put him up in his own house after he and the villagers had filled their bellies with the delicious, magical Stone Soup!

Of course the real magic here was that this young man had a need, but his desire to receive was balanced with his desire to receive with the intention of sharing so with certainty he proceeded and because his actions proved to be proactive a miracle was created which benefited the needs of the many and not just the one.


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An American Witch’s Book of Spells

Good Pic of Book 001This occult book is a comprehensive guidebook from the perspective of Nine Generations of American Witches.  This “living” generational “Book of Shadows” is a complete collection of once secret, ancient magic rituals with spells, charms, amulets, protection, talismans, and other practical sorcery.  There are many spell books on the market, but the type of spells within the pages of this book simply have not been shared outside of the family until now.  A Real Witch adroit in the craft would find the information within this book valuable. Although it is not recommended for a layman, a novice could use this book successfully for the spells are complete, ingredients and directions are concise and detail oriented.  Additionally, although this is a non-Wiccan book, there are many spells that a Wiccan witch could use by adapting it to their principles.
This book has been updated as of 1/19/2014.   Ingredients are provided in US and Metric measurements for Universal appeal.  Formulas include, but are not limited to: Protection & Security, Abundance & Prosperity, Love & Attraction, Banishment & Uncrossing, Business, Success & Legal matters, Spells from the dark-side, Exorcism, making Magical & Tallow Candles, how to make formulas for incense, oils, potions, specialty baths, & floor washes. Additionally, thorough information regarding “Timing” is included to insure the success of your workshop and Ceromancy, reading the candle and the flame.  This book would be a great addition to the library of any witch or person with occult interest.
The book can be purchased on Amazon for $14.95 and a Kindle download is $5.00.  I do have some reviews on selling venues other than Amazon.  You can take a view inside of the book for additional information.

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How to Calculate Planetary Hours and Their Purpose

To calculate the hours accurately all you need do is look up the hours of sunrise and sunset for any particular day and then divide the hours between sunrise and sunset by 12 for the day needed.  This will determine the length of the planetary hour. To find sunrise sunset times Click here Just search for weather in your location and it gives times in forcast or do a search on google for your location and sunrise sunset times.  The following table will then show you which planet rules each of these hours.
Hour Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
2 Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
3 Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
4 Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
5 Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
6 Jupiter Venus Saturn
Moon Mars Mercury
7 Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
8 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
9 Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
10 Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
11 Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
12 Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
Divide the hours between sunset for the day needed and sunrise for the following day by 12 to determine the planetary hours for the night. 


1 Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
2 Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
3 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
4 Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
5 Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
6 Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
7 Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
8 Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
9 Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
10 Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
11 Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
12 Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
The planetary hours have traditionally been used in electing favorable times to initiate activities, and also to time prayers, spells, and magical rituals. The following table shows the sorts of activities traditionally favored by each planet:

Sun Hours: General success and recognition; spiritual illumination; decisiveness, vitality; activities requiring courage or a mood of self-certainty – making big decisions, scheduling meetings for reaching decisions, giving speeches, launching new projects; seeking favors from father, husband, boss, authorities.

Venus Hours: Love; friendship; artistic and social success; enjoyable, sociable and aesthetic activities such as parties, social gatherings, recitals / exhibitions, weddings, visits, dating and seeking romance; planting ornamentals; buying gifts, clothing, luxuries; beauty treatments; seeking favors from women.

Mercury Hours: Success in studies / communications; children; making a good impression; routine activities and activities needing clear communications; teaching / learning; important business letters / phone calls; meetings to develop or communicate ideas; buying / selling; routine shopping, errands, travel; job applications / interviews; seeking favors from neighbors, co-workers.

Moon Hours: Health; home (buying home, moving); journeys / vacationing (time of leaving home or takeoff); activities remote in time or space – meditation, making reservations, finding lost objects or people; planting food crops; hiring employees; seeking favors from mother, wife, employees.

Saturn Hours: Discipline and patience; giving up bad habits; overcoming obstacles; success with difficult tasks or difficult people; projects of long duration – breaking ground, laying foundations; planting perennials; treating chronic illness; making repairs; seeking favors from older people (not relatives) or difficult people.

Jupiter Hours: Wisdom, optimism; money (borrowing / lending/ investing / earning / winning); activities necessitating enthusiasm; buying lottery tickets; seeking advice / consultation; settling disputes; seeking favors from grandparents, aunts and uncles, advisers (doctors, lawyers, accountants, astrologers).

Mars Hours: Courage, adventure; enforcing your will; success with drastic action (lawsuits, conflicts, going to war, surgery); sports, exercises; risk-taking; making complaints; firing employees; seeking favors of husband or boyfriend.

For example, A man should ask a woman out on a date during a Venus hour; a woman should ask a man out on a date during a Mars hour; one should ask one’s boss for a favor during a sun hour; money should be invested during a Jupiter hour; medical treatments should commence under a moon hour (except surgery should commence under a Mars hour); and so on.

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Banishing and Uncrossing Spells, The Equalizer Reversible Formula


 Banishing and Uncrossing formulas are used for those who are believed to be enchanted or cursed.  These rituals should be used during the waning of the Moon, from Full Moon to New Moon.  Do not perform on a sunset Friday to sunset on Saturday.  If the one cursing you is a woman do not perform on a Tuesday or in any Mars energy (sunset Monday to sunset Tuesday).  Unless you are a Scorpio or have many Scorpio aspects in your natal chart, DO NOT go after anyone in a Scorpio sun or moon, for often it will backfire.  During this time it is best to let sleeping dogs lie.

The Equalizer Reversible Formula

*Please note, this formula is very powerful  and only use this if you know who is coming up against you and the harm they directed your way must be of a serious nature not petty.  This is not a toy to target just anyone randomly.


White Shabbat Candle, 1

Small White Plate, 1

Clear Glass, 1-8oz

Kosher or Sea Salt

Small Piece of Brown Paper, no larger than 2″ x 3″

Red Pen

Knives, 2 small

Poster Putty, white

Self Igniting Charcoal

Reversible Oil

Reversible Incense

 Preparation:  An hour before Midnight during a waning moon gather your materials and start burning some Reversible Incense.  On The brown paper with the red pen write the name of the one coming up against you 9 times.  If there is more than one person on another piece of brown paper write their name 9 times.  Do not reverse to more than 3 people at one time. While your are working inject your energy. 

 Take the white shabbat candle and cut the top off to form a flat surface.  On what would have been the bottom, take a lighter and burn off enough until you have enough wick to light. If you only have tea candles, remove from metal, take the wick out and place in the other end and return to metal holder. Add 9 drops of Reversible Oil on the candle.  Wearing plastic gloves at the middle of the candle in a counter clockwise manner stroke the oil out to the top and repeat from the middle to the bottom of the candle.

 Take the  knives and form an X.  If the knives will not stay together use a little of the poster putty.  Fill the 8 oz glass with water, place white plate on top of glass.  Take this where you will be performing ritual.  I recommend the back door.  Turn over and set on floor.  Sprinkle a generous amount of salt around the glass.  Place the brown paper with names face down on top of glass.  Place the X knives on top of papers.  Place the white candle on top of the knives.  If the candle will not hold, place a little poster putty on the bottom and then place on the knives.

 At Midnight during a waning moon, light add more Reversible Incense, light the white candle, stand or sit in front of the candle and visualize all negative energy returning to those who have come up against you. Do not dictate your desired retribution for the Universe will determine this.  Plead your case as though you were in a court of law.  Meditate on this for at least 15 minutes.  Turn and walk away and allow candle to burn out.

 In the morning take remains out the back door, release the water with your projective hand (the one you do not write with).  Burn the remaining paper and send the negative energy back in the wind  Wear a pair of plastic gloves and rinse the plate, glass, and knives.  Secure these and only use for ritual purposes.  Usually within 3 days you will hear information which will confirm that your reversal has worked.  The Universe tends to exact justice in a balanced manner.



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