Motivating Factors Created by Fear

One of my most respected mentors and teachers, a wise elderly first decan Piscean, shared that the three greatest sins are, intentional cruelty, unintentional cruelty, and superstitionI have discovered the truth in his words, which are nothing new under the sun and being as it is I will be sharing motives that create harm which are intentional, those that are thoughtless and those motivated by fear.

 Intentional Cruelty is purposely to create pain to another living being and this is the greatest of all sins — the devices of the Satan energy. Becoming involved in an initiatory fraternity can set you up for intense challenges particularly if you reach a place where you wish to detach from the group. Depending on your level of initiation, secrets have been revealed and oaths have been taken. Some groups take this far more seriously than others with some still believing as many ancient groups did that the only way to detach is through death.

 Speaking from experience, it behooves anyone who is considering a commitment in an initiatory fraternity/sorority to investigate the groups’ history.  Once involved it is very difficult to remove yourself, safely.  When I detached by choice of flight from the occult group I was involved with during my youth I found myself hounded on the astrals for years until my vibrations elevated to a level were my pursuers could no longer find me. At this present place in time many of those I was affiliated with are literally dead, diseased, or very few, like me, detached.

 Climbing the stairs of purification was more difficult than imagined but I steadily made progress. I admit that I stumbled here and there but I embrace the words of an anonymous writer, “All athletes occasionally stumble. What sets the champion apart is that he or she immediately rises and shakes off the dust to race on, undisturbed and more aware of the road.”

 Other forms of intentional intrusion could result from the desire of a certain group to obtain you as a member and if you resist or don’t accept the invitation they may come up against you and create harm to coerce you into joining or to teach you a lesson.  You must remember that those groups who are on the left hand path or what is labeled as the dark side do not consider any repercussions for their actions for they are riding so high on negative energy that they believe they are invincible and the laws of the Universe do not pertain to them particularly the law of cause and effect.

 As I have previously mentioned another intrusion that those of low vibrational energies employ and have no remorse in utilizing is randomly selecting an individual or individuals to experiment on. So it is possible that by being in the wrong place at the wrong time becoming a target of experimental entertainment is quite probable.

 On a completely human level we have all encountered persons who have been jealous or envious, gossipers, backstabbers, facilitators of chaos, vessels of gloom and despair, — and such.  It is only sensible to protect ourselves from the thoughts and actions of these unevolved reactionary selfish beings as well. These are people we encounter in our everyday activities — at work, at play, within social circles, and there is that saying, “who needs enemies when you have family.”

 Unintentional cruelty despite that it stems from sheer thoughtlessness is just as harmful and bears the same consequences as intentional cruelty.

These are persons who are motivated by the desire to receive for the self alone and are ignorant of the harm they create due to their selfish natures but as it is said, “ignorance of the law is no excuse!”

 Examples of such thoughtlessness are for instance if an employer doesn’t not pay his employees on the scheduled day, thinking nothing of the difficulties he could be creating for them and their families — so much suffering may be created by such inconsideration. Another would be if a person makes a promise to call someone, meet someone, or pick someone up within a specific time frame and they fail to do so — again much suffering can be created by acts of thoughtlessness. Careless words and speech are just as harmful as those that are malicious. Acts of this nature can leave a person physically and psychologically exhausted hence classifying it as an intrusion.  It is wise to be aware of unintentional cruelty for it bears the same Tikkun or karmic consequences, — karma never forgets and it does not take into account that man or woman forgets.

 Cruelty resulting from fear, superstition, motivates such persons to come up against any who do not share their convictions or beliefs.  Throughout history the majority of humankind has acted out according to their fear based analogies and beliefs. The inquisitors did it, many religious people did it in the name of God, the government did it in the name of freedom and technology, cultures did it and all try to excuse or justify their cruelty by saying that it is the custom — it is progress.  Again karma does not excuse fear based cruelty, “superstition,”– the time always comes for the bill to be paid and it usually presents itself when the human least expects it.

 By sharing this information I am not encouraging hyper vigilance but rather utilizing my experienced experiences and knowledge by creating awareness for informed choices so that a person can make an educated decision in order to be “one step ahead.”  The three greatest sins, — intentional cruelty, unintentional cruelty, and superstition — are fatal for they sin against love.  Will, Wisdom, and Love are the three aspects of the Logos; if we wish to be one with the Source of Creation we must share these aspects within our world extending these to all beings, — great and small.


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