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Diagnosis and Nature of an Assault

We live in the midst of unseen forces whose effects alone we perceive.  We move among invisible forms whose actions for the most part we do not perceive at all, though we may be affected by them.  Not all unseen forces are necessarily evil, there are different classes and orders of spirits just as there are different classes and orders of humans.

 It is imperative that diagnosis must precede the treatment of psychic intrusion.  We must take into consideration the visible signs of the psychic attack before we can make a determination indicating the source of it’s origin.  The most common form of psychic intrusion is human ignorance, unintentional cruelty,  resulting in attacks which are not deliberately orchestrated. Additionally we must rule out Alcohol and chemical addictions, pathogenic conditions, mental conditions, stress, duress, fatigue, fraud, phobias, and self defeating personality. Also to not be taken lightly is cyber-space intrusions which are linked to our modern computer technology.   On the World Wide Web people can become whatever they chose to be, projecting their shadows and targeting others at will.  Each day we are exposed to the media, other peoples baggage, and environmental factors, all of which can be intrusions on our psyche.

 A tremendous amount of effort and energy is poured into intentional cruelty. Many times months of preparation are involved.  The dominator must first invoke and concentrate his force — once this is done, the victim is considered. The first step is astral contact, but a rapport must be established before this may be done and this is easier said than done. The victim must be found, then a point of contact must be established within their sphere so that the victim’s aura may be successfully penetrated.  The most common practice is to obtain an object containing some of the victim’s DNA, such as hair, nail clippings, or something that is habitually worn or handled. These objects are magnetically connected with the owner, the victim, so by means of this magnetic link the dominator gains the psychic ear of the victim by means of an etheric thread  (regardless of the distance) with the intention of causing the victim to  hear suggestions made on a subconscious level.  Tremendous focus and meditation is required to achieve these mental assaults.  This is also referred to as contagious magic, “Law of Contagion.”  The seeds planted will either grow or be cast from the mind, but regardless the victim will usually experience physical and/or psychological disturbance.

 If a magnetic link cannot be established a substitute must be employed.

An object is chosen and by means of ritual ceremony is made to represent the victim.  In some cultures an animal may be baptized with the victims’ name,  then tortured to death with the thoughts directed upon the proposed victim.  Some may chose to create a wax image or use a doll which has been ceremonially prepared using the same technique of inflicting torture while concentrating on the intended victim.  Some will prepare talismans or objects which are placed in the path or vicinity in which the victim must pass over or through frequently. If the dominator is hell bent on creating chaos in the life of the victim and other ploys seem ineffective, the dominator may choose to invoke the cooperation of an entity or a number of them.  Sometimes the invocation of a low vibrational spirit is conjured in conjunction with other methods, however usually it is only invoked when all else fails.

 When experiencing a psychic intrusion generally several of the following occur:

 *Characteristic dreams;  A feeling of heaviness or weight upon the chest; Actual bruising and/or scratches upon waking.

 *Hallucinations; Literally seeing walls or furnishings breathing or undulating; Paintings appearing to come to life; Images appearing in mirrors.

 *Unusual pet related incidents such as chasing invisible objects, or fixation on a particular area; Fear, trembling and shaking without probable cause.

 *An oppressive atmosphere; Cold spots in areas that are usually warm.

 *Plant life withering and/or dying — not related to human error or environmental imbalances.

 *Infestation of insects — of some species, usually cockroaches, ants, flies,  or spiders.

 *Dangerous happenings or “close calls”.

 * Chronic Physical and Psychological Exhaustion; Mental/Emotional Breakdown.

 *Evil Odors characterized by the smell of decomposing flesh; Precipitation of slime.

 *Audible sound manifestations such as the astral bell, whispers, laughter, moans, creaks, singing, etc… .

 *Outbreaks of Fire; Objects moving; Appliances, lights, computers, and the like that appear to turn on and off by themselves.

 * Headaches whose symptoms resemble migraines; generally located in only one of the quarters of the victim’s head and traditional medicine does not alleviate them.

 *Floating balls of light; Shadowy figures standing in doorways, sitting on furniture, or passing through walls; Feeling and seeing actual movement of a being as if sitting down on a sofa, chair, or bed.

 *The feeling that someone is breathing on your neck or brushing against your skin; Goosebumps that suddenly appear for no apparent reason; Unusual pain in the abdominal area, the gut — solar plexus.

 A sense of fear, apprehension, paranoia, confusion, and oppression is very characteristic of an intrusion. Usually the senses are more exaggerated but it usually is always apparent in those that are targeted.

Psychic intrusions do trigger the flight or fight reaction in the same manner as any legitimate response concerning life crises — as violent crime, accidents, transitions, childbirth, divorce, or disease. The medulla oblongata which is the primal part of the back brain is responsible for controlling automatic body functions and being the control center for the central nervous system it is in charge of our habitual emotional responses. So when we are frightened, anxious, or feel threatened in any way the medulla oblongata stimulates a bio chemical reaction referred to as Flight or Fight Syndrome. Neurotransmitters release a surge of adrenaline into the bloodstream which floods the vessels in the back of the brain. Feelings may include and not be limited to heart palpitations, fear, anger, fear, detachment, numbness, shock, hot flashes, or cold sweats. It can be challenging to explain to persons with little or no knowledge of metaphysics or the esoteric aspect of life that they are experiencing such symptoms without tangible cause or that such reactions are not stemming from what society refers to as normal probable cause.

 It is said that “Wars are won in the Will.”  Will is one of the three aspects of the Logos, so by honing our Will we protect ourselves from mental, emotional, and psychic assaults projected by others.  No person who has perfected their Will can be dominated by any form of hypnosis, especially to the extent of being put to sleep, and no one with a positive mental attitude can be dominated.  



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Methods of Psychic Assault

Methods of psychic assault are quite diverse for not only are there the traditional methods that various alternative belief systems employ but there are the personal creations of the practitioner to consider.  The very essence of psychic assault is found in the principles and operations of telepathic suggestion.  As I mentioned previously we perceive unconsciously before we realize consciously. Left-Hand Adepts or I prefer referring to these ones as low vibrational beings,  utilize the hours from Midnight through the hour before dawn to work their manipulations for it is during this time that they feel the soul is most vulnerable. Additionally there are alternative religions who believe the soul is open during the hour of 6:00 p.m. through 7:00 p.m… According to Kabbalistic belief during the time when the sun is setting the energy of judgment is reaching its highest peak and it is at this time that the Minchah prayer is recited for this is the best time to quiet the judgments when they appear in their greatest number and intensity.

 If you look on the bookshelves you cannot help but notice the numerous writings on mind control focused on getting what you want. This confirms that for the most part humans do have a desire to control circumstances so that they achieve their personal needs disregarding the true repercussions. Whether it is the magician or the person seeking personal need disregarding the laws of balance and karma, there are many humans on this planet cluttering our ionosphere of negativity all in the name of success or just pure greed and vindictiveness.

 One very popular method of psychic assault is hypnosis which I will cover in a chapter of its own.  I am not referring to the benevolent use of hypnosis, but rather those who use it for their own selfish motives.  Again, there are documented cases where those in the medical field are irresponsible as well, for we are speaking of humans and depending on their level of evolution the professional could abuse the technique just as the black magician would.

 Then you have well-meaning individuals who employ the use of prayer which is another topic I will discuss in its own context. How many times has someone come up to you and said, “I’ll pray for you.”  This may appear very benevolent by many but in further exploration you will discover why adding the affirmation, “Protect me from the prayers of others,” on a daily basis can provide tremendous protection from these “prayer givers” who actually mean I will pray to see things the right way, my way.

 Now that I have shared techniques that could actually be therapeutic in nature, I am prepared to share with you some of the techniques of those who desire to receive for the self alone.  Those who work in this realm especially those who are adroit adepts always work insidiously.  Again the methods of initiating assaults are found in the realm of telepathic suggestion. We cannot see the invisible seeds sown in our minds by another, but eventually germination takes place and the shoot makes its appearance above the threshold of consciousness. The adroit adept always aims at making their suggestions harmonize with the bias of personality otherwise the subconscious complexes will expel them before they can take root. An alien seed cannot be planted; the adept must reinforce and stimulate the ideas and impulses that are already there, though latent. In order for these suggestive thought seeds to take hold they must find congenial soil. Herein lies the strength of the defense. We may not be able to stop the minds of others sending us suggestions but we can purify our own natures so that the harmful seeds can find no soil. The mandatory tool to protection is knowledge and I do intend to share this with the intent to create the necessary awareness to promote informed choices.

 The primary goal of suggestion is to create a mental atmosphere surrounding the soul of the person being suppressed or healed, until a sympathetic response is elicited within the soul itself. Once this is done the battle is half over for the gate has been opened from within and there is free access and now the suggestion can proceed rapidly. However we are at a critical point in an occult assault for up to this point the defender has the advantage.  The person being set up for assault can retain that advantage indefinitely and wear his assailant down even if unable to meet them on equal grounds of occult knowledge.  There is absolutely nothing in this world that such an assailant can do with a person who stands their ground, hones their will, maintains harmony, and simply won’t pay attention to their machinations.

 Until the aura is penetrated there can be no entrance to the soul and the aura is always penetrated from within by the reaction of fear, anger, or desire going out towards the attacking entity.  If we can transmute that instinctive emotional reactivity into proactivity, the edge of the aura will remain impenetrable, and will be a sure defense against psychic intrusion.

 Another technique is magnetism where an object such as a picture, a candle, a coin, or actually just about anything is decreed upon. This is very popular among people involved in most types of witchcraft. Some may use it in a beneficent manner in charging a talisman or forms of healing services, but it is my experience that most do not. I must make a comment concerning talismans at this time and that being the photon energy entering our earth from outer space at present appears to neutralize the effectiveness of many of these objects.

 Businesses called botanicas who service those into witchcraft and occult energy work, often perform rituals to decree upon all objects in their stores. Not all do, but those that do are easy to identify for unusually dark and heavy energies are present.  Have you ever entered such a place with the intention of simply browsing but you found yourself compelled to buy something and when you get into your car and are driving away you are baffled especially when the item is something you didn’t need or you could have purchased for a third of the cost at a grocery store?  Also once this object is in your home; if the persons owning that business are involved in low vibrational energy you have just given them a formal invitation. In like manner as Dracula, once the invitation is extended the entity may enter at will. Also if you do purchase from such establishments pay with cash, for using a check or credit cards will be giving them too much information which they will use when they do rituals geared toward attracting business and abundance.  Also this is not a pleasant piece of information but these types of practitioners will even lower themselves to performing rituals which will create complications in your life so that you will return to them for assistance.  Additionally do not divulge personal information concerning yourself or those you love for it is their device to appear friendly so as to elicit as much information as possible from a promising target. It is my experience that if such ones cannot get to you they will go after those you love.  Not all new age stores are a supermarket for the manipulative, however if you enter a metaphysical store of any type that carries large amounts of objects, whether it be oils, candles, incense, baths, books, tools, etcetera…,  geared almost exclusively toward control of a destructive nature, this is a red flag to remove yourself from the premises.  The first rule of psychic self-defense is to avoid communications and contact with those who practice darkness, after all is it wise to tread were angels would not dare?

 However , many will choose to patronize such businesses, simply as they say in Star Trek, “shields up”, and remember the rule of “TMI”, which is avoid disclosing too much information about yourself and your matters so that if the persons associated with the business are negatively inclined — a magnetic link or rapport cannot be formulated.  Now I do realize that there are those who did contract to experience the reactive side fully during this incarnation, so with this, view this guide as “keys to survival” during your journey into the underworld.

 It is not only those involved in the darker elements that use magnetism and I’ll share an example shared with me by a dear and trusted friend, “I was involved with group who was sharing the Edgar Cayce Studies. One evening I noticed one of the members, — who was a promising and eager student but who obviously took matters into the shadow, — was no longer in the general area. Instinctively I went outdoors to find him going from car to car laying his hands on each car and decreeing in Latin. I gracefully walked up to him and inquired of his activities which he shamelessly stated that he simply desired everyone to continue participation in the group in addition to providing continued funding.  I did not choose to embarrass him by having him called down at that point however I returned later that week to speak personally with the leader of our group concerning the issue which he later managed quite eloquently.”

 What I consider one of the sneakiest ploys of Adepts of Darkness is using others as pawns in their game.  For instance when they know your aura is impenetrable due to the number of attempted assaults on your soul they will send people to befriend you. These people will appear out of the blue and they will be so kind and seemingly helpful to the point of almost being nauseating, the behavior is beyond co- dependency. They will do their utmost to elicit personal information from you and they won’t stop there they will even question others about you. At times they even go as far as sending the person to gain employment within your workplace so as to be a coworker. They will send these pawns to places you frequent, even churches and organizations. It is extremely important to be cautious with those who appear in this manner for if they cannot get to you personally and if you have children they will attack them or those who are most dear to you. Usually I can identify these individuals readily for they actually make inquiries that are absolutely suspicious, they are overly helpful, and at times they even slip up by presenting information that had to have been fed to them by the would be attacker.  I am not suggesting to be paranoid or hyper vigilant, simply be congenial and be ever aware of the power of silence. There is great wisdom in knowing when not to speak-or not to respond. When you enfold yourself in the creative silence of meditation, the stillness before action is quite profound indeed.

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Motivating Factors Created by Fear

One of my most respected mentors and teachers, a wise elderly first decan Piscean, shared that the three greatest sins are, intentional cruelty, unintentional cruelty, and superstitionI have discovered the truth in his words, which are nothing new under the sun and being as it is I will be sharing motives that create harm which are intentional, those that are thoughtless and those motivated by fear.

 Intentional Cruelty is purposely to create pain to another living being and this is the greatest of all sins — the devices of the Satan energy. Becoming involved in an initiatory fraternity can set you up for intense challenges particularly if you reach a place where you wish to detach from the group. Depending on your level of initiation, secrets have been revealed and oaths have been taken. Some groups take this far more seriously than others with some still believing as many ancient groups did that the only way to detach is through death.

 Speaking from experience, it behooves anyone who is considering a commitment in an initiatory fraternity/sorority to investigate the groups’ history.  Once involved it is very difficult to remove yourself, safely.  When I detached by choice of flight from the occult group I was involved with during my youth I found myself hounded on the astrals for years until my vibrations elevated to a level were my pursuers could no longer find me. At this present place in time many of those I was affiliated with are literally dead, diseased, or very few, like me, detached.

 Climbing the stairs of purification was more difficult than imagined but I steadily made progress. I admit that I stumbled here and there but I embrace the words of an anonymous writer, “All athletes occasionally stumble. What sets the champion apart is that he or she immediately rises and shakes off the dust to race on, undisturbed and more aware of the road.”

 Other forms of intentional intrusion could result from the desire of a certain group to obtain you as a member and if you resist or don’t accept the invitation they may come up against you and create harm to coerce you into joining or to teach you a lesson.  You must remember that those groups who are on the left hand path or what is labeled as the dark side do not consider any repercussions for their actions for they are riding so high on negative energy that they believe they are invincible and the laws of the Universe do not pertain to them particularly the law of cause and effect.

 As I have previously mentioned another intrusion that those of low vibrational energies employ and have no remorse in utilizing is randomly selecting an individual or individuals to experiment on. So it is possible that by being in the wrong place at the wrong time becoming a target of experimental entertainment is quite probable.

 On a completely human level we have all encountered persons who have been jealous or envious, gossipers, backstabbers, facilitators of chaos, vessels of gloom and despair, — and such.  It is only sensible to protect ourselves from the thoughts and actions of these unevolved reactionary selfish beings as well. These are people we encounter in our everyday activities — at work, at play, within social circles, and there is that saying, “who needs enemies when you have family.”

 Unintentional cruelty despite that it stems from sheer thoughtlessness is just as harmful and bears the same consequences as intentional cruelty.

These are persons who are motivated by the desire to receive for the self alone and are ignorant of the harm they create due to their selfish natures but as it is said, “ignorance of the law is no excuse!”

 Examples of such thoughtlessness are for instance if an employer doesn’t not pay his employees on the scheduled day, thinking nothing of the difficulties he could be creating for them and their families — so much suffering may be created by such inconsideration. Another would be if a person makes a promise to call someone, meet someone, or pick someone up within a specific time frame and they fail to do so — again much suffering can be created by acts of thoughtlessness. Careless words and speech are just as harmful as those that are malicious. Acts of this nature can leave a person physically and psychologically exhausted hence classifying it as an intrusion.  It is wise to be aware of unintentional cruelty for it bears the same Tikkun or karmic consequences, — karma never forgets and it does not take into account that man or woman forgets.

 Cruelty resulting from fear, superstition, motivates such persons to come up against any who do not share their convictions or beliefs.  Throughout history the majority of humankind has acted out according to their fear based analogies and beliefs. The inquisitors did it, many religious people did it in the name of God, the government did it in the name of freedom and technology, cultures did it and all try to excuse or justify their cruelty by saying that it is the custom — it is progress.  Again karma does not excuse fear based cruelty, “superstition,”– the time always comes for the bill to be paid and it usually presents itself when the human least expects it.

 By sharing this information I am not encouraging hyper vigilance but rather utilizing my experienced experiences and knowledge by creating awareness for informed choices so that a person can make an educated decision in order to be “one step ahead.”  The three greatest sins, — intentional cruelty, unintentional cruelty, and superstition — are fatal for they sin against love.  Will, Wisdom, and Love are the three aspects of the Logos; if we wish to be one with the Source of Creation we must share these aspects within our world extending these to all beings, — great and small.

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