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Psychic Voyeurism

Psychic voyeurism is a term I use to describe the morbid curiosities of occultists. I personally classify it as visual rape for these people dabble into the affairs of others without their permission and knowledge for the most part, always seeking to “view” others affairs by means of various forms of divination, astral intrusion, and a multitude of techniques acquired by adepts. I personally have enough to consider concerning my own spiritual evolution without meddling in other people’s affairs particularly using magical tools to do so, but there are those who seem to expend much energy on being just plain noisy. I have had people come to me on a number of occasions requesting that I look into another person for them and I politely decline for unless I have that person’s permission to go into their space, I will not. I would not appreciate another doing this to me so it basically is taking into practice and consideration the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” It is very common among those on the reactive path to invade others privacy especially if they have been working a spell or the juju on them. Those on the reactive side often underestimate the protective powers of others. They somehow feel that they are invincible and that nothing they conjure up could possibly fail. I am a person who respects the beliefs of others, for those who stand firm in their convictions concerning their belief system are as strong as any others who stand firmly in their own. Those on the left-hand path however do not feel that any other path is more powerful than their own. During the course of working their conjurations on others they will constantly, sometimes on a daily basis, utilize various forms of divination to determine the progress of their psychic dictatorship. If they are not getting the desired results they will at the appropriate moon phase, day, and planetary hour increase the intensity of the existing spell or add one more horrific to the present operation. It is very important to use caution regarding items containing DNA, such as hair, nail clippings, worn clothing, blood, linens, towels, etcetera…for times such as these are a very powerful tool in the hand of an Adept Occultist. I additionally advise being particularly cautious as to who you permit to take or have in their possession a photo of you or someone you love. Those who work the left-hand path are unconscionable and will and can use any item containing personal concentrated energy to work their machinations. Again I am going to reintegrate the use of “pawns.” These persons are used as voyeurs, for they have been ordered to view and gather as much information as possible on a target or an experiment. These persons are ordered to particularly focus on any vulnerabilities. In one case a young girl who was ignorant of these ways divulged too much information to actually several pawns and her life became chaotic to the point where she literally felt she was having a nervous breakdown. They would leave mementos of their nightly visits on her doorstep or windowsill, call her home continuously hanging up, leave objects on her car, she would receive suspicious chain letters, and they would create tension at her place of employment. It is unfortunate that all of these occurrences had no grounds for legal measures for those who work the reactive left-hand path do know how to cover their actions so that the so called system of man made justice cannot be employed. When she lost her employment due to her deteriorating mental, emotional, and physical state I knew that her best refuge was flight and sometimes this is not easy to achieve but evidentially her Guardian angels and Guides agreed with this measure and everything fell into place. At present after receiving assistance from traditional medicine and counseling balanced with spiritual counseling and knowledge she is healing and has discovered her true strength. As I have mentioned before it is my opinion that that information shared in these pages can provide protection, for the knowledge concerning these insidious forces will expose the intentions of those who I consider disciples of the anti-Christ energy. In Qabalistic Numerology “Christ” means “knowledge of love and light,” so anti-Christ would denote those who are against the knowledge of love and light.



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Dr Alex G. Bennington has been an ordained minister of metaphysics and holds a degree in Philosophy. Doctor G has conducted numerous workshops and lessons in truthover the past 33 years and courageously shares  controversial insight regarding the occult, the supernatural, kabbalah, etcetera…, based on experiences and education with a poignant stylethat  is admired and respected.

Doctor G’s book, “An American Witch’s Book of Spells, Nine Generations of Formulas that Work,” is now available on Amazon for $17.99 and on Kindle download for $9.99.

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