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New Moon Prosperity Spell for 2016

Every year on the exact minute of the first New Moon in the New Year, we write a blank check paying to the order of ourselves and signing it to the Law of Universal of Universal Prosperity.  Place under a money candle until the candle burns out.  Bury the candle remains in your yard.  If you live in an apartment or in a residence where discretion is needed, wrap the candle remains in a white napkin and place respectfully in the trash can.  If you use a glass encased candle, keep it in your home (e.g., closet, cabinet).  Put the check away and the New Year will bring in awesome prosperity.

The first New Moon is on Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 06:31:16 P.M. MST.  If you are not on MST, you will need to adjust the time (e.g., CMT would be 7:31:16 P.M.).

It is best to perform this prosperity at the designated time; however, if the 9th has come and gone; ergo, we are still in the first new moon of the New Year, so this formula can be utilized up through the Full Wolf Moon of January 23rd.  I recommend Tuesdays, Sundays, and only Thursday if your financial situation is NOT dire.  If you are comfortable with other days, naturally this is your choice.  May the Source be with you!





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