Love Spell for Attracting a Soul Mate


Love is Universal and available in various forms, however the most coveted is that of romantic love.  Due to the power of this desire it is my advice to use these formulations with responsibility and the knowledge that whatever you send out will come back to you at least three fold. 

 Before beginning, cleanse yourself physically and mentally.  Meditate, be certain that the one you desire is truly the one for you.  It is never advisable to use any formula in an experimental manner for tearing at another’s heartstrings can result in serious consequences.  

Once you begin your workshop, as I refer to it, you cannot just stand by and expect love to drop into your lap.  It is wise to engage in opportunities to make yourself seen and heard by the one you desire.  I strongly advise men to write love letters and/or poetry. Don’t over kill for you may risk being perceived as a stalker.  Be yourself, don’t pretend to be someone you are not,  for people can only hide behind a mask for so long. In fact there is an 18 month rule which dictates that a person can only wear the mask, maintain the fa sage for 18 months.  If the person you have your heart set on is truly the one for you, the energy will work in your favor and you will be brought together without much difficulty.  If not, accept accountability and examine your true intentions.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR for what you may believe you want may not be what you need nor will it last.   Neurobiologists have found that there is a chemical released in the brain when a couple falls in love. This chemical is called phenylethlamine and it functions in the body much like an amphetamine thus explaining the superhuman feelings of a couple who is falling in love.  But unfortunately phenylethlamine highs cannot last.  As with any chemical your body builds up a tolerance to it and the body requires more and more of the substance to acquire loves special spark. Neurobiologists say it takes about four years for the chemical to fade, to run its course. Once the chemical is gone, the couple is faced with the difficult challenge of doing love with their own basic brain chemistry. This can create quite a struggle for many couples for after the so called feeling of love is gone are you willing to put real effort into the relationship to make it last?

 I am of the opinion that a person should be the focus, rather put out to the Universe the type of person you would love to have and share your life with.



Sweet Bugle, 1 oz (30 grams)

Cinnamon Powder, 2 oz (60 grams)

Sandalwood Powder, 16 oz (450 grams)

Anise Seed, 4 oz (115 grams)

Saltpeter, 1/4 oz ( 7 grams)

Attraction Oil

White Sabbath Candles, 2

Self Igniting Charcoal

Mix the Sweet Bugle, Cinnamon Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Anise Seed, and Saltpeter thoroughly.  Burn over self igniting charcoal.  Clean yourself thoroughly and dress well, just as if you would for an engagement ceremony.  Anoint your 2 white candles with attraction oil starting from the bottom to the top. 

Make a tea from some of the Sweet Bugle, don’t boil, steep in boiling water for 15 minutes to make a tea. 

This ritual is to be performed on Friday after the sun rises or before the sun sets for men and on Tuesday for women.  Men should use Venus energy and women shuold take advantage of Mars energy.  It should be started during a waxing moon.  If a woman desires a good provider perform your ritual on a Mars / Jupiter cusp.  Men if you want to speed up the process you can use a Venus / Sun cusp or if you would prefer a women with an intelligence you can use a Mars / Mercury cusp. If you need help with these configurations please refer to my Plantetary Tables page.  If you are homsexual, gay men should use the Mars energy and gay women should use the Venus energy. Also you can go a step further.  Men you could start your ritual in LIbra during the waxing phase which usually is successful for life partners and marriage.  Women you could start your ritual in Aries or Scorpio during the waxing phase.  Also you may want for example your partner to be a Taurus or a Leo, etc…,  so you would start your ritual during the waxing phase of these months.  Also DO NOT start this ritual during a Mercury, Mars, or Venus retrograde.

Start the incense, light the candles, the right one first and then the left.  Use the Pink Cloud Meditation to call your soul mate.  You may drink some of the tea during the ritual and share with your soul mate within the Pink Cloud.  Allow the candles to burn out. Bury the remains in a beautiful park or near a place you feel a strong connection to.

Each Friday (for men) or Tuesday (for women) until your soul mate arrives, repeat the ritual.  Drink the Sweet Bugle tea each night before retiring and keep putting your intention out there.

This is my favorite formula for you are calling for the right person to come to you and not affecting the will of someone you have chosen.


Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Visualize a beautiful soft pink cloud above you. Call the soul of the person to whom you wish to communicate with to the pink cloud. Usually no soul declines this invitation for the pink cloud is a safe place of Universal love and protection. Communicate with the soul you have invited and once you are both satisfied with the session, thank and dismiss the invited soul. Thank the Universe and then return to your being. 

 Some actually create a pink cloud from fabric and place it above their bed.  Others have created a photo which they say they have used until they perfect the meditation. 




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